Peachy-keen Interiors

Here are some ways to incorporate peachy tones into your interiors.

Visual appeal

Utilising peach paint to cover half the walls in a living room is an innovative and stylish way to create visual interest and redefine the space.


When the lower or upper half of the walls is bathed in a warm peach hue, it introduces a playful yet sophisticated contrast against the remaining white or neutral-colored portion. This technique not only adds a splash of inviting colour but also subtly divides the room, giving an illusion of height or depth depending on which half is painted.

Accentuating with accessories

Incorporating peach tone furnishings or home accessories into a white minimalist home can create a harmonious blend of simplicity and warmth.


In a space dominated by white’s crisp, clean lines, peach accents act as gentle whispers of colour, bringing a soft, inviting contrast without overwhelming the minimalist aesthetic.

Bring walls to life

Using peach tone limewash on the bathroom walls can transform the space into a serene and inviting sanctuary. Limewash, known for its natural and textured finish, imparts a beautifully subtle, matte look, lending an earthy and organic feel to the room.


The peach tone, in particular, adds a soft, warm glow, creating a soothing and gentle ambiance. This hue is reminiscent of a tranquil sunrise or the delicate blush of a peach, evoking a sense of calm and comfort.