Planning Your Kitchen? Read What These Homeowners Learned From Their Own Designs First


When it comes to planning your home design, nothing is quite as valuable as the lessons other homeowners learned the hard way. That’s why we asked four homeowners for their top layout tips, hosting advice, appliance recommendations and general know-how. Whether you’re a single occupant or a mother of five with a small kitchen, read ahead for a treasure trove of honest wisdom.

How to plan your layout

“The placement of the fridge, sink and stove is very important to me so the cooking process will be easier and there’s less fumbling around. Test where to place these items by bringing dishes and ingredients to and fro. This will help you figure out your preferences and prevent spillages. Also, make sure there is sufficient counter space for putting ingredients and seasonings. This is especially important if you’re using a gas stove as things shouldn’t be placed too near the fire. If space is a concern, consider an induction stove.” — Zhuo Chunyan


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“At the entrance of your kitchen, try to get pocket doors or do without doors altogether. I have to close the door every time I want to use the microwave behind it. Also, unless you have heavy drawers, you may want to do away with knobs and handles as you may bump into them or get your clothes caught on them.” — Wendy Wee

“Manoeuvring around tight spaces and keeping the children safe while prepping and cooking can be a challenge, so make sure to keep that in mind while planning if you have kids. Also, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, having a small kitchen makes cleaning significantly easier.” — Dianah Hassan

Hosting and entertaining

“For those who find cleaning a chore, I would keep the kitchen looking simple with lots of storage so when there are surprise visits, you can quickly hide all the mess in the cabinets.” — Gynn Lee

“For those who cook a lot, a kitchen rail is a good idea for hanging tools and utensils. It’s not the neatest option but you can always add hooks as needed.” — Wendy Wee


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Kitchen appliances 101

“Get multifunctional appliances like an oven that can bake, toast, grill and microwave. My top kitchen purchase would be the Philips All-in-One cooker which has a pressure cooking function. It’s my best partner-in-crime for whipping up one-pot meals, especially as a single occupant.” — Zhuo Chunyan

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Final tips

“I decided to pay more to use quartz for my kitchen top. It’s so easy to maintain.” — Gynn Lee

“With a simple cooking simulation, it will be easier for you to determine where to fix your power points and what kitchen appliances are necessary.” — Zhuo Chunyan

“Get a large, hanging dish rack. It won’t take up counter space and makes it easier to put dishes away after washing. It doubles as dish storage too. Hide it behind a cabinet door if its appearance bothers you.” — Wendy Wee

“If you have small kids, put up a strong and high gate which makes it impossible for little ones to open or climb over.” — Dianah Hassan


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