Save On Your Water Bill With The Right Bathroom Fixture


Following the public announcement that water costs are set to increase by 30 per cent by July next year, most Singaporeans are naturally curious about what they can do to avoid a heftier utilities bill in the months to come.

For those who wish to outfit their bathrooms with cost-efficient fixtures as an answer to rising water prices, look no further than the Hansgrohe company and its two brands, AXOR and hansgrohe, with their range of stylish eco-friendly bath fixtures that includes water-saving showerheads and mixer taps.

A good example is the EcoSmart version of the hansgrohe Crometta Vario handshower that caps its flow rate at a maximum of 9 litres per minute. According to benchmarks set by Singapore’s national water agency PUB, this can translate into up to 11 per cent less water consumption as compared to a regular showerhead – even when the shower knob is turned to the maximum.


hansgrohe Crometta handshower

For those who wish to shave even more dollars off their monthly bills, there is the Green version of the hansgrohe Crometta Vario that has a lower flow rate of 6 litres per minute, or 33 per cent less water consumption according to PUB standards.

To top things off, the hansgrohe Crometta Vario Green handshower offers two modes: Rain and IntenseRain, both of which promise a powerful, refreshing shower, minus the water wastage.

Yet another high-tech alternative to regular shower fittings is the Raindance line of handshowers that incorporates Hansgrohe’s innovative AirPower technology. Capable of making each drop of water more voluminous, lighter and softer without increasing the flow rate, the AirPower feature found within the Raindance series works by sucking in air via an in-built jet disc before emitting an intense but relaxing shower spray.


hansgrohe Ecosmart Raindance Select S150 3-jet handshower

Additionally, Raindance Select handshowers can help users achieve their ideal shower experience all while maintaining a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute. This is due to its ability to switch between three different jet types that either offer a gentle caress (RainAir), an invigorating shower massage (Caresse Air) or a mixture of both (MixAir).


hansgrohe Raindance Select RainAir spray

When it comes to eco-friendly options for basin mixers, Hansgrohe does not disappoint either. The AXOR Starck Organic, created by renowned designer Philippe Starck, features a flow rate of 3.5 litres per minute (or up to 5 litres per minute when needed), but is nonetheless capable of producing a strong spray with the help of a unique tap design that incorporates 90 independent nozzles.


Axor Starck Organic Gold

All things considered, the fixtures from AXOR and hansgrohe are a good fit for any stylish bathroom with their superb functionality centred on water efficiency and performance.

This post was brought to you by Hansgrohe.