Save Space Around Your Home With These 5 Compact Items

As work-from-home continues for many and extra hours are spent in the house, your living space may seem increasingly small and cluttered. But instead of binning everything that doesn’t spark joy, find a middle ground by neatly organising your abode with the help of compact yet versatile homewares. Below, check out five items that’ll easily turn your home into a cleaner and more well-sorted place to stay.

Storage ottoman

squarerooms fortytwo storage ottoman black fabric seat

Ottomans with built-in storage are the items you should be looking for when shopping for space-saving seats. Pick one that’ll blend seamlessly into your home no matter its design style, such as this fabric ottoman from FortyTwo, which comes in a deep black hue that’s easy to match with any kind of decor.

Foldable cutting board

If you’ve been doing a lot of cooking, this foldable, multi-functional cutting board will definitely come in handy. It’s not just your regular cutting board, but can also double up as a wash basin for your produce thanks to its collapsible build and smart drainage system. When you’re finished, just fold it flat and stow it away to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Collapsible pail

Another genius invention, this collapsible pail won’t cost you an arm and a leg and can hold up to 10 litres of liquid. In addition to withstanding high temperatures thanks to its polypropylene composition, this multi-purpose storage unit also looks stylish and modern with a minimalist design.

Wall-mounted table

squarerooms ikea wooden wall mounted table

Whether you require an additional table in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, this wall-mounted table from IKEA will readily accommodate to your needs thanks to its foldable mechanism. Crafted from hard-wearing solid wood and large enough to seat two people, this is the ideal furniture item for a space-savvy home.

Vertical laptop stand

Complete with three slots which can fit MacBooks as well as notebooks, this vertical laptop stand allows users to keep their devices in a tidy fashion while occupying less space. The stand has no trouble cradling hefty laptops, keeping your gadgets safe while adding a rustic touch to your surroundings.

A version of this story first appeared on SG Magazine