Save Space and Discover Comfort at Home with these Modular, Adaptable Furnishings

Saving space without sacrificing comfort may seem difficult, but with modular, adaptable furnishings from KING it’s more than doable. Read on for our top picks from the brand’s multifunctional range and get started building your own space-savvy home!

A sofa that adapts to various spaces and lifestyles

squarerooms king sofa couch jasper ii white grey living room

KING Jasper II

A good sofa purchase can last you a long time, so you want to make sure that whichever option you choose can keep up with your lifestyle through the years. KING’s Jasper II is an award-winning sofa that stands out in this regard with its focus on comfort and flexibility.

Adjustable seats, arms and backs let you position this clean-lined sofa in endless configurations, and additional modular components like shelving, a media console, wireless charging table, SONOS speaker bracket, an LED reading light and more let you craft the ideal sofa for movie nights, or even turn your sofa into a five-star bed for guests. The sofa, which comes in various fabric and leather options, can be further customised with hidden storage that can be lifted open with one hand, offering a discreet spot for stashing belongings without compromising on aesthetics.

squarerooms king jasper ii sofa guest bed woman sleeping

KING Jasper II

For comfort, the sofa has KING’s Postureflex Seating System to offer ultimate support, and its cushions are filled with Ultradown, providing cloud-like luxury that’s easy to maintain. Like all KING sofas, the Jasper II is built on the Australian brand’s signature steel frame which comes with a 25-year warranty and ensures the longevity of your beloved piece.

The ultimate chic and modern sofa for lounging and entertaining

squarerooms king sofa couch zaza living room white


Contemporary design these days is all about organic yet tailored silhouettes, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with KING’s Zaza sofa, another award-winning hit from the brand that was created in collaboration with acclaimed Australian designer Charles Wilson.

Choose from two seat depths to suit your needs, whether that’s cuddling with your kids or simply enjoying a quick morning read before getting ready for work. The sofa would also be ideal for bigger gatherings with friends and family as the backs and arms can be easily adjusted, letting everyone settle in their ideal lounging position as you all enjoy hours of conversation or binge-watching the latest series.

squarerooms king sofa couch zaza man leaning resting relaxing white


In addition to KING’s steel frame support, a net-like structure for the Zaza’s back and base underneath a plush layer of Ultradown will make this the comfiest sofa you’ve ever owned. Despite the sofa’s dreamy quality, this is no overstuffed, clunky couch. Instead, the Zaza sofa is perched on slender bronze legs, giving it a refined appearance that conveys an air of relaxed luxury.

A stylish recliner that won’t take up too much space when extended

squarerooms king sofa couch cloud v leather brown dark man reclining

KING Cloud V

Recliners are well-known for comfort, but they often seem to be afterthoughts in a furniture retailer’s line-up. On the other hand, KING’s recliners are always well-designed both inside and out. Coming soon, KING Cloud V is the ultimate seat for home cinemas with deep, comfy seats and the option to add SmartPocket accessories such as stands for surround speakers, LED lamps, and a wireless charging table.

Its modular design lets you create the perfect configuration for an open-plan space or a cosy home theatre, and it features a thoughtful space-saving recline mechanism so that you can extend it comfortably even when the sofa is against a wall. Once you’ve found your preferred seating position, TouchGlide technology memorises your settings so you don’t have to keep fiddling to get comfy—all you need to think about is which show to watch!

squarerooms king sofa couch reo recliner leather brown

KING Reo Recliner

Another great option is KING’s Reo Recliner. Adjustable headrests let you use it as a low-slung piece when you want to lie back, or you can reposition the headrests to turn the Reo into a high-back sofa that’ll let you sit up comfortably. The Reo sports a classic look and can be further customised to perfectly match your style. Pick your covering from a variety of premium fabrics and leathers, and the timber veneer legs also come in a range of finishes including Congo, American Walnut and Smoked Oak.

Hidden within, innovative motion technology, as well as a suspension system built for firmness, longevity and long-lasting support, help the Reo sofa offer maximum comfort to improve rest and relaxation, making the Reo Recliner a sound buy for those wanting the whole package. Like the sofas, both the Reo Recliner and KING Cloud V are built on KING’s robust steel frame which comes with a 25-year warranty, providing strength, support, comfort and longevity.

Finally, a mattress that feels just right

squarerooms sleep+ mattress king family

KING Sleep+

As you know, we spend about a third of our lives in bed, so getting good rest is very important. Finding the right mattress is crucial, as your pick is meant to last about a decade. Like you’ve mentioned, shopping for a bed can be a bit of a Goldilocks experience—too hard, too soft, too warm, etc.—but KING’s Sleep+ range of mattresses will eliminate all the headaches.

They offer tremendous flexibility with a choice of different covers to suit hot and cool sleepers and the option to adjust layers to create your dream bed. You can also adjust firmness levels on one or both sides of the bed with a FlexMat. Being able to adjust firmness levels is helpful as one may go through many changes over the course of a mattress’ lifetime—these could include injuries, pregnancy or a new partner.

squarerooms king sleep+ mattress white

KING Sleep+

The modular aspect of the mattresses also means you have access to every component, which lets you clean efficiently to maintain a healthy sleeping environment. Further, as allergens, VOC emissions and low-toxicity ratings have become more important to homeowners, you’d be pleased to know that the mattresses have received the Sensitive Choice accreditation, which was developed by the National Asthma Council Australia and requires products to undergo a rigorous independent panel review.

Beyond getting an outstanding bed, investing in a KING product means supporting Australian innovators like internationally-acclaimed designers Charles Wilson and Tom Fereday who not only understand that design needs to reflect how we live, but also our need for functionality, sustainability and longevity.

This post was brought to you by KING.