Be Thrifty And Save Money This Year By Making Your Own Decor For Christmas


Add some joyful cheer to your home with these rustic DIY Christmas decor.

Table trees
Whether propped on the dining table or sideboard, these super easy DIY Christmas trees will instantly set the tone for celebratory moments. With a cardboard cone as a base, coil brown rope around until it is completely covered. You can glue down the ends of the rope to keep it secure. To embellish it, glue on some decorative beads and top with a small dried pinecone.


Table lamps
Create a warm glow throughout your home with these pretty DIY table lamps. Apply some glue on the exterior of each Mason jar and coat with sea salt while the glue is still wet. Once dry, tie some Christmas decor around the top of the jar. You can use battery-powered tea lights or fairy lights to light up the jar.


Fruity floats
Dress up your table setting or coffee table with this colourful idea: Full each glass with berries, sliced fruit and herbs then top with water until almost to the brim. Gently place a tea light on top of the water and light it up just before your guests arrive.


Glitter balls
This modified bauble will add an extra dimension to your Christmas tree. To make, cut circles out of metallic-finished cardboard. Paste each cardboard piece onto a Styrofoam ball with double-sided tape until fully covered, and you’re done!


This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2018 issue of SquareRooms