25 Singapore-Based Instagram Accounts to Follow for the Best Interior Design Inspo


Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking to finally breathe some fresh air into your old flat, Instagram is always a great go-to resource for some design inspo.

To give you a headstart, we’ve compiled twenty-five of our favourite interior inspo accounts into this handy list, all run by real homeowners and Singapore-based so you know their ideas can definitely be applied to your own space! And while you’re at it, give us a follow on Instagram too—we’ve got plenty more inspo waiting just for you.



A pared-back HDB flat that yet feels lovely and inviting, renovated by the homeowners themselves. The kitchen is a particular highlight of this home.


A self-designed HDB flat with an Australia-inspired style. Lots of plants!

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A cosy apartment on the ground floor in the east of Singapore. Good for western-style decor inspo.


A five-room resale HDB flat from the 90s, located on the east coast of Singapore. Expect soothing cream tones and lots of curves.

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A super cosy home with a boho-Scandi vibe and lots of decor ideas. The farmhouse-style kitchen is a lovely touch.


Pared-back yet warm, this is a great source of inspiration for those who like a more minimalist Scandi aesthetic.



If you love dried plants and autumn vibes, this account is a must-follow.


Wooden furnishings abound in this four-room resale HDB flat with a farmhouse twist.



If you like bold contrasts and quirky details, this home will give you plenty of design ideas.


Love cats and plants? You’ll feel right at home in this 80s resale HDB flat. The baby blue kitchen and rounded island are our top highlights in this flat.

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Still in the making, this flat promises a lovely aesthetic, exemplified by the island-style dining table and endearing bathroom tiles.



If black and white is your jam, you’re gonna love this monochromatic BTO flat very much. The bathroom tiles are particularly eye-catching.

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Less modern than the previous flat but still very much minimalist, this flat boasts understated class and subtle Scandi touches.


This inviting home proves that minimalist design doesn’t have to be modern—curves can be just as sleek, if not more so.

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Unique in every way, this intriguing flat mixes vintage wainscoting with modern tiling and contemporary furnishings.


The owners of this five-room HDB flat describe its style as “tropical brutalism” and we couldn’t agree more. Dusky tones and raw textures abound.


Self-designed by a resourceful auntie-and-uncle duo, this flat boasts a spartan look with eye-catching industrial elements.


This soothing BTO flat skilfully mixes Scandinavian and Japanese interiors for a lovely Japandi aesthetic.

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This couple’s flat combines modern, contemporary and Scandinavian elements for a look that’s entirely their own. Follow the lovely homeowners for plenty of renovation tricks—and check out their top money-saving tips while you’re at it!


Lovers of patterns, plants and colours will absolutely love this dreamy abode. Watch out for lovely retro touches that give it a wholly unique appeal.



We previously featured this gorgeous abode and still can’t get over its Mediterranean-inspired design. The kitchen is an absolute highlight with its charming retro vibe.

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Meticulously designed down to the last detail, this home is an unmissable source of inspiration. The kitchen and service yard skillfully bring together shaker cabinets, uneven shelving, gorgeous tiling and a farmhouse sink.


Transformed from a standard resale HDB flat into a resale penthouse, this flat will catch the eye of retro enthusiasts with its array of patterns and bold decor picks.


Another quirky resale HDB flat, this one is defined by its selection of vintage furniture and colourful features. The kitchen boasts an especially unique look, combining whimsical lime-green cabinets with a stainless steel countertop.


Last but certainly not least, this rustic home expertly mixes wooden finishes with green hues for an earthy, inviting ambience. The bathroom is especially delightful.