No More Sleepless Nights with these Award-Winning Mattresses and Modular Bed Frames

The global pandemic brought not just a heightened awareness of health and hygiene into our lives, but also new sources of worry and stress; work entered our homes and seeped into our private sanctuaries, permeating the living and dining areas and even the bedroom. Now, separating work and rest is more difficult yet also more crucial than ever—and the way we sleep plays an important role in refining this fragile balance.

For instance, did you know that your mattress largely determines your quality of sleep? Insomnia and fitful rest have understandably pained many homeowners during the pandemic, making a high-quality mattress a must-have in the bedroom. Customisable layers, premium breathable materials and dreamy fabrics are just a few of the requirements you should have for your mattress to ensure a deep and restful slumber.

squarerooms king living bedroom sleep+ mattress showroom

The Sleep+ mattresses by KING tick all of those boxes and more, equipped with the KingCell Pocket spring system that allows you to add, remove or replace each and every one of the mattress’s bespoke components, whether you like it sumptuously soft or firm and supportive. The Sleep+ series even garnered a prestigious Gold Accolade at the Australian Good Design Awards 2019, in recognition of KING’s commitment to outstanding design and innovation.

Beyond the mattress, your bed frame is the key to crafting a sanctuary you can effortlessly escape to at the end of the working day. It should not only form a trustworthy base that carries the weight of your mattress through the years but also double up as extra storage space and allow you to place everything you need within arm’s reach. After all, a cluttered bedroom can easily hinder relaxation, making a bed frame with integrated storage compartments all the more essential.

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KING’s Jasper bed not only comes with generous storage space and a 25-year warranty on the brand’s signature engineered steel frame but is also equipped with built-in shelves, gesture-controlled lighting and even wireless technology for overnight charging. This makes the Jasper bed a true all-rounder that balances a luxurious appearance with a remarkably low profile for sleek opulence.

squarerooms king living bedroom modular bed frame neo red pink salmon bedding wood warm inviting modern

If storage space is not your priority, consider a bed that fulfils your other relaxation requirements; perhaps you like to watch TV or read a good book before drifting off to sleep? In that case, consider the Neo bed, which stands on slender, elegant legs and a thin yet equally sturdy base thanks to KING’s engineered steel frame, resulting in an elegant silhouette like no other. The bed’s softly upholstered headboard provides the necessary support for reading and watching TV without hurting your back and neck, leaving you in the perfect headspace for a good night’s sleep.

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This post was brought to you by KING and adapted from an article originally published in the July 2021 issue of SquareRooms.