Spice Up Your Home With These Stylish Wall Decals

Different types of wall decals can alter the general feel and will vary in cost, quality and reusability. How do you choose the type of wall decal to use, and where to place them? We give you the lowdown on these awesome stickers.

Why wall decals?

Etsy Luxeloft Wall Decal You're Beautiful

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  • A beautiful, inexpensive feature wall with minimal effort
  • A non-permanent decoration
  • A home with more character
  • An alternative to wallpaper
  • The freedom to have absolutely minimal furniture

That being said, there are are many kinds of wall decals in the market and choosing them properly might make or break your home’s theme.


Types of wall decals

Vinyl (most common)

By far, vinyl decals are the most commonly used and differ in quality within their same category. There are cheaper vinyl decals, while there are higher quality, reusable decals. Popular brands to look out are: 3M, Avery, MACtac.

Fabric (most re-appliable)

Fabric decals are the most forgivable because they are sturdier and are less prone to bubbles upon application.


The least popular of them all, plastic decals come inexpensive, but are the most customisable. Generally not recommended, so watch out when you’re buying!


Ideal locations to place them:

Above your sofa

ceiling fan

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Above your skirting


Image credit: Etsy @luxeloft

To fill up awkward spaces


Image credit: Etsy @WallDressedUp

On the front door


Image credit: Etsy @luxeloft

 On your mirror or let it be your mirror


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