SquareRooms Recommends: 4 Appliances for Fresh, Dry and Wrinkle-Free Laundry

While laundry is not the most bothersome household chore, it doesn’t always end the way we hope. The drying process can be particularly tricky; we’ve definitely opened the dryer a few times to find that our clothes weren’t fully dry.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for laundry appliances that help to wash and dry our clothes more efficiently—today we’re bringing you a few of our favourite discoveries!

novita LaundryFresh Dehumidifier ND838

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Image courtesy of novita

Considering how humid (and mildewy!) our interior can often get, a dehumidifier can be a real game-changer at home. Especially with our unpredictable local weather, a sudden week of rain can lead to damp rooms and laundry that seems to never fully dry. The novita LaundryFresh Dehumidifier ND838 absorbs moisture from damp laundry and even shoes, eliminating mildew and reducing the risk of airborne germs in the process.

A dual mesh activated carbon charcoal filter helps to reduce musty odours, while millions of negative ions deal with any allergens and germs in the air, leaving your laundry and surroundings fresh and hygienic. You can choose between programmes such as Shoes Drying, Laundry Drying and Air Purifying, eliminating excess humidity and unpleasant smells for better air quality all around.

Samsung QuickDrive washers and dryers

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Image courtesy of Samsung

What we like about Samsung’s new line-up of QuickDrive washers and dryers is that they come with intuitive AI, which makes for simpler (and faster!) laundry cycles. These appliances have personalisation and machine learning at their core, memorising your favourite wash cycles and detecting your fabrics to recommend the ideal programme and dispense the right amount of detergent. The line-up consists of 21 washing machines, dryers and combo appliances.

Steigen Solar Drying System


Image courtesy of Steigen

Steigen’s Solar Drying System pairs strong air circulation with even heat distribution for effective yet gentle drying. The fact that your clothes hang from the rack while getting dried means that they’ll get fewer wrinkles than garments sitting in the dryer, reducing the need for ironing. As the entire Steigen system is mounted to the ceiling, it’s also pretty space-saving—a feature we appreciate in Singapore especially! It can be operated with a remote control or from your smartphone for extra convenience.

LG Styler steaming closet

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Image courtesy of LG

If garment wrinkles are the bane of your existence, the LG Styler is the laundry appliance for you. Doubling up as a narrow closet, it stores, shakes and steams your clothes to reduce wrinkles and eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria. As it doesn’t use intense heat or harmful chemicals, but resorts to 100 per cent water, it allows you to dry and sanitise fabrics that are otherwise difficult to clean in the comfort of your own home.