6 Sustainable Flooring Materials You Can Buy In Singapore

With conversations about sustainability and eco-friendly living making the rounds, you might be wondering if you should switch up some of your own habits too. Especially while approaching renovations and home makeovers, sustainable choices in flooring, walls and furniture can go a long way in making your home healthier for both you and the environment. To get you started, here are some of our personal recommendations for sustainable flooring materials you can buy right here in Singapore.

Despite being considered slightly outdated, linoleum flooring has been making a comeback as vinyl’s eco-friendly cousin. While vinyl is generally cheaper, it is ultimately a synthetic material, making it a no-no for sustainability. Linoleum, on the other hand, has all of vinyl’s impressive durability while being composed of linseed oil and other natural materials.

Both options are scratch-proof, although linoleum is more likely to suffer water damage over the years, and should be avoided in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. As a natural material, it is also susceptible to sunlight-damage. To keep your flooring as good as new for up for forty years, purchase linoleum with a protective layer. You can buy linoleum flooring from Flooring Singapore.

Due to its fast growth and low-impact cultivation, bamboo is often considered a very sustainable flooring material. It’s created by pressing slices of the bamboo plant together, either in vertical, horizontal or ‘strand’ fashion. Each of these techniques achieves a different look and durability, making strand-woven bamboo flooring the most expensive type.

When done well, bamboo flooring can be as strong as solid wood flooring and last a lifetime, while a less careful process will make for a fragile surface that is easily scratched. The biggest drawback of bamboo flooring is its natural weakness to water damage and moisture. For a long-lasting bamboo floor in Singapore’s humid climate, a protective coating is needed. You can buy bamboo flooring from Flooring Singapore.

While not all terrazzo flooring is inherently sustainable, responsible sourcing and the use of recycled materials can easily make it into the most sustainable luxury flooring out there. Thanks to its mix of granite, marble and other durable materials, it is one of the few sustainable options that are strong enough to be used both indoors and outdoors without sustaining significant damage.

It’s generally low in VOCs (toxic gases) and does not accumulate moisture, making it ideal for Singapore’s weather. If you want to keep your flooring sustainable without compromising on a striking look, recycled terrazzo is the way to go. You can buy terrazzo tiles for your home from Flooring Singapore.

If you haven’t heard of the many properties of cork flooring, you are in for a treat. The material itself is sourced from tree bark without any damage to the tree itself, making for a sustainable process and a renewable resource that grows back easily over time.

Once it is turned into flooring, cork is incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot. It muffles sound across the home and also has mould and mildew-resistant properties. As it is inherently bouncy, it doesn’t dent easily, and will be difficult to damage. Its elasticity makes it a fantastic material for children as well, as objects don’t break easily when dropped onto cork flooring. Its one relative drawback is that it needs the occasional maintenance, such as resealing with a protective layer every few years. You can buy cork flooring from Flooring Singapore.

Reclaimed wood
Taking part in a large-scale recycling process, reclaimed wood is taken from abandoned buildings and other unused structures. This wood, which would otherwise be headed to the landfill or slowly decay, is cleaned and turned into flooring and occasionally even furniture.

This is the most sustainable flooring option due to the complete lack of environmental impact, but it is unfortunately fairly expensive. Sourcing and salvaging the wood can be a painstaking process, taking significantly longer than obtaining and processing new wood. However, if you can manage the higher price tag, reclaimed wood will make for a beautiful, unique and particularly eco-friendly home. You can buy reclaimed wood flooring from Moods Floor.


Reclaimed wood, Moods Floor

Natural stone
Similarly to terrazzo, natural stone flooring can be a very sustainable option when it is sourced responsibly. Ethical quarrying is the most important factor to consider when purchasing natural stone floors, as bad quarrying practices can have negative effects on both workers and environment. Alternatively, recycled stone is fairly easy to source and comparatively not as expensive as reclaimed wood. Natural stone is also considered sustainable thanks to its durability, resulting in a long-lasting floor that doesn’t require any further resources to maintain. You can buy natural stone flooring, such as granite and marble, from Hafary.