The 3 Types Of Fans You Need At Home To Keep Cool


A modern ceiling fan

The Relite Column Black and Column Light Walnut ceiling fans retailing at Khind Systems, are a series of home appliances where functionality meets modernity.

Available in 52-inches, the ceiling fans boast a bigger cover area. With up to 200 revolutions per minute (RPM), the fans provide a constant easy breeze – the essential complement to help circulate the cool air from your air-conditioner.

The Column Black and Column Light Walnut ceiling fans also use advanced Direct Current (DC) technologies to optimise its performance – sustaining a powerful, noiseless airflow whilst reducing energy consumption, using about 4 to 35W – enabling you to stay environmentally-friendly and capitalise on its cost-efficiency.

Highly-versatile, install one of these in the living room to tie your interior together, the master bedroom for the extra wind service or dining area to dissuade pesky flies from entering.

The Relite Column Black and Column Light Walnut ceiling fans.

The Relite Column Black and Column Light Walnut ceiling fans

A statement-making pedestal fan

If you prefer standing fans, Khind Systems also offers a unique selection for homeowners with discerning tastes. Combining functionality with aesthetics, the 44-inch fan tall Arden pedestal fan features walnut-finished legs that recall an architect’s tripod complemented by either oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel blades and cage. Powered by a 74 x 18 motor with a three-speed rotary switch and 50-degree total oscillation, this machine will definitely help you keep cool when the temperature heats up.

The Arden pedestal fan

The Arden pedestal fan

An unobtrusive yet powerful wall-mounted fan

If you prefer the unobtrusiveness of wall-mounted fans, there are the Kaye and Melody wall-mounted fans, also retailing at Khind Systems. The former is a retro piece reminiscent of train cabin ventilators of the Industrial Age, while the latter features intriguing curves that look like the body of a French horn.

Other than its industrial-chic looks constructed out of cast aluminium and heavy stamped steel, the Kaye and Melody wall-mounted fans are equipped with oscillating three-speed motors that can be mounted onto small or awkward spaces. What’s more, the fans come with hand-balanced metal blades and metal safety cages, making them stylish, powerful and safe all at once.


From top: the Kaye and Melody wall-mounted fans

From top: the Kaye and Melody wall-mounted fans