These 5 Design Ideas Will Help You Work Around The Tricky Spaces In Your Home

For any type of home, it’s inevitable that there will be some form of an awkward space where nothing seems to fit quite right. Whether it’s in the form of a narrow entryway or oddly-shaped alcoves, we show you how you can work around these tricky spaces and make the most of the space you have in your home.

Take advantage of a bay window

Image credit: Minimo & Minimology

Image credit: Minimo & Minimology

Because of its sometimes odd-shaped design, it can be easy to overlook this area and just cover it with curtains or roller blinds. But filling in a bay window – which are most commonly found in the bedrooms – with a built-in cushioned-top seat and throw pillows is a great way to transform this wasted space into a day bed that you can lounge over with a good book over the weekends. To further boost its use, incorporating storage units into the seat can help to keep miscellaneous items that you don’t use on a regular basis, out of sight.

Maximise slim and awkward alcoves

Image credit: HeimDeco

Image credit: HeimDeco

Due to its shallow nature, alcoves are one of the trickiest spaces to decorate. For a quick and easy solution, you can simply hang some artwork as a visual interest piece. But to properly maximise the space, hang floating shelves across the length of the alcove instead. As it would have been an awkward project to install full-height cabinets in such a shallow area, installing floating shelves ensure that no space will go to waste.

Work with your windows


Image credit: Homease

Windows, especially the expansive ones, can be considered one of the more beautiful features in a home as they frame and allow you to enjoy the outdoor view from the comfort of your home. As such, try to resist the urge to cover up windows with curtains or blinds, unless you have a completely undesirable view. Instead, frame them with a picture gallery or custom built-ins like a shelf or a narrow table. Don’t neglect the windowsills, for they can be used to display decorative ornaments or baubles, and even as a little corner for displaying books and candles.

Get the most from a nook

Image credit: Crate and Barrel

Image credit: Crate and Barrel

A nook is defined as a right-angled corner that’s formed by two meeting walls, and these unused corners are something we all have in our homes. Not as difficult to decorate as most might fear them to be, these areas can be styled into eye-catching vignettes with refreshing botanical displays, or a towering cabinet unit. If need be, you can even make use of a modular shelving system and cosy chair to transform the space into a home office that’s zoned off from the rest of the house.

Transform a narrow corridor into a hallway of fame


Image credit: Arch Zine

Narrow hallways can be a tough space in the home to work around, as there is a fine line between making full use of the area without taking up too much and blocking off floor space. But if you have one, the key is to make use of wall space and keep things simple and airy. Installing sleek wall-mounted cabinets and shelves prevents the floor space from feeling too heavy or cluttered, and finish off with a few hooks to manage the daily essentials.