This Small Bathroom Upgrade Will Greatly Cut Down Your Water Bill


If you’re working from home amid the circuit breaker period and your eyes popped out of your sockets from seeing this month’s utility bill, then you’re not alone. A massive chunk of Singapore’s workforce has been telecommuting since last month, and it’s not surprising that electric and water consumption is on an all-time high at home for many. In these uncertain economic times, we could all use a little creativity with our penny-pinching ways – starting in the bathroom.

Most homeowners are well aware that showering is the biggest water guzzler at home, but only a few know that toilet flushing is the second strongest contender. Surprisingly, flushing the toilet already makes up a whopping 18% of your hydro bill – no thanks to inefficient water closets that require multiple presses.


An average flush uses 1.6 gallons of water, which means repetitive button presses sends a lot of it down the drain – literally. Fortunately, an efficient water closet with a dual flush like the one from Geberit Fill & Flush Valves can effectively drain excrement and urine with one powerful flush, preventing at least five litres of water wastage. Who knew that a simple toilet fill and flush valve replacement could both let you keep more money in the pocket and save the environment?


Forget about costly cistern replacement work because Geberit Fill & Flush Valves are a breeze to install and can fit into most exposed cisterns available in the market. In fact, you can do it yourself – just watch this easy-to-follow tutorial, and your toilet upgrade is good to go in no time!

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