Top 5 Interior Design Styles In Singapore

Deciding on your interior design style can be overwhelming. After all, you’d want to live in a comfortable yet stylish home that you can be proud of. Think about your personal style and your space requirement. To get you started, here are the top 5 interior design styles in Singapore. Read on and get inspired.


Image credit: Justin Loh

Image credit: Justin Loh

This popular utilitarian style is perhaps the most popular with Singaporeans. With its emphasis on brick walls, gritty finishes, galvanised furniture, chalkboard surfaces and exposed conduits, we can understand its hip appeal. Plus, its urbanised look perfectly complements city living.


Image credit: Free Space Intent

Image credit: Dan’s Workshop

Propogated in the 1950s as a style that favours affordablity and functionality over opulence, Scandinavian interior decor has rightly become one of the most appreciated styles around the world. The Nordic style subscribes towards hygge, a Norwegian term that means wellbeing, contentment and warmth. As such, Scandi-style homes incorporate lots of comfortable streamlined furniture, warm wood tones, subdued colour palettes and plenty of natural light.


Image credit: Justin Loh

Image credit: Justin Loh

This style is basically an anthithesis of any conventional style. Think mixing and matching various home decor influences – from Eastern to Western, shabby chic to luxurious – all in one space. The look might turn out to be haphazard but that makes it all the more fun. Be bold and clash prints, colours and textures in your personal space. If done well, this interior style will express your individuality with flair. And you’ll know that there won’t be another home like yours!


A way of life that promotes the minimal accumulation of material possessions, minimalism is becoming increasingly popular. Minimalist homes are highly organised and functional. Interiors that are influenced by this style feature basic neutral colour schemes and maintenance-free materials such s homogeneous tiles and granite countertops. To keep your minimalist home as neat as possible, plenty of storage solutions are also necessary.

Modern resort

Imagine coming home to your very own sanctuary. This is exactly what it is like to own a modern resort-inspired home. The overall take is rich, sometimes rustic, and rather relaxing. As such, streamlined shapes paired with nature-inspired elements like wood-tones and textures, and lots of greenery work well for such a style.

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