Top Open-Concept Layouts for Your HDB Living Room

While HDB flats may seem to offer limited possibilities when it comes to changing your layout, there are still plenty of options no matter the size or style of your flat. Whether you want to combine your dining and living areas or are looking for a cosy, intimate vibe, here are some of our favourite living room layouts for your open-space HDB flat.

Dining area behind living room

This option is particularly great if you like your spaces open and airy but still want some tangible separation, as the back of the couch forms a sort of half wall between living and dining. If your flat comes with a small living area, you may have to knock down a wall or two to achieve this layout.

squarerooms 1618 studio interior design white minimalist hdb living room

Image courtesy of 1618 Studio

Dining area next to living room

This layout is for those homeowners who want their living and dining areas to feel connected. The arrangement of the dining table next to the couch encourages communication, which is especially useful if you have guests gathering in both spaces and don’t want to completely cut off one group from the other.


Image courtesy of Versaform

Supersized living area

While we all love a good home-cooked meal, not everyone feels the need to have a huge dining area at home. Some people prefer to expand the living area, making space for a larger sofa and more room to breathe. If a big dining room is not your priority and you’d rather host your friends and family on cosy soft furnishings, a supersized living area with a smaller dining area behind it may be the layout for you.

squarerooms design neu home renovation 5 room resale hdb minimalist living room

Image courtesy of Design Neu

Living area at the side

Open-space homes have plenty of advantages, often forming the canvas for unique and creative designs, but they can also easily look sparse and cold. Arranging your living room at one side of your flat with a coffee table and a few rugs can help to fill up the space more and make it appear warmer and more welcoming. Consider deep, bold shades for your walls to further enhance this cosy feeling.


Image courtesy of D’Marvel Scale

Partitioned living area

Not a huge fan of keeping your spaces open all day but still long for that bright, airy feeling? Consider partitioning your living room instead of opening it up completely. Clear glass dividers can be moved aside when you’re craving an open area, then closed shut when you need some peace and quiet but still want that bit of extra light in both rooms.

squarerooms versaform living room industrial open space design

Image courtesy of Versaform

Semi open-space living area

While open-space layouts can look a little cold and unwelcoming at times, closed-off living rooms sit at the other end of the spectrum, often feeling quite crammed. That’s why our final recommendation is a semi open-space layout, offering the best of both worlds: the living and dining areas feel bright and airy, while the opening to the rest of the home is fairly narrow, giving the space a sense of intimacy.


Image courtesy of ROOOT Studio