Top Tips On How To Make Your TV A Design Statement


Mention “home decor”, and what comes to most people’s mind are probably furniture pieces such as beds, sofas and tables. This comes as no particular surprise as these fittings are essentials in any modern-day abode. In comparison, the TV is seldom much-thought about even though it is the focal point of most living rooms today.

Fortunately, things are set to change for the goggle box as newer, sleeker designs allow it to play a greater role in influencing the look of a home. That being the case, here are some crucial tips and tricks that you should know about positioning a TV, be it part of a communal space or a private corner.

1. Conceal cable clutter for a minimalist look

When it comes to ensuring that a TV blends in seamlessly into your home, the first step to take is to hide away any unsightly components. This includes lengthy power cords and media cables, which can either be tucked away in a storage box or TV console. In the case of the Samsung’s QLED TV, this will never be a problem because of its Invisible Connection1 that offers users an elegant a near invisible optical cable connection solution. What’s more, this slim optical cable is capable of connecting multiple devices2 to the QLED TV through Samsung’s “One Connect Box1”, which further reduces visible clutter around your TV console.


Image credit: Samsung TV

2. Ensure that your TV blends in

Although it is often positioned at a focal point within a room, such as atop a dedicated console or along a wall, it is important to ensure that a TV screen does not dominate its surroundings. Instead, the primary goal of decorating with a TV is to ensure that it fits well with the rest of the room’s decor. This is often accomplished by surrounding a TV with builtup structures, such as a customised cabinet or even concealing it within a recess. However, this is not an issue for the Samsung QLED TV as it will easily be a stylish addition to any room, thanks to its uniformly thin body and near bezel-less frame.


Image credit: Samsung TV

3. Personalise your TV with different display options

When it comes to creating your very own TV corner, there is no better way to showcase your style than building a customised feature wall. These accent structures can create a wow factor in a room by adding flair through their unique look. The Samsung QLED TV is the perfect accompaniment for any feature wall as its “No-Gap Wall-Mount3” provides a way to seamlessly flush it against a vertical surface. For those who prefer having their QLED TV as a standalone fitting, there is also the option of the “Studio Stand4”, which resembles an easel with a painting, or the sleek “Gravity Stand4” that creates the impression of a contemporary sculpture.

4. Find the sweet spot

The positioning of your TV matters as it plays a significant role in determining the quality of your viewing experience. If it’s too close to your sitting spot, you will start getting strained eyes within a matter of minutes, whereas an awkward placement angle can result in neck strain. In other words, if your television is positioned wrongly, you can be sure that there will be an unpleasant viewing experience awaiting you. However, in some cases, it might not be possible to place a TV at an optimal position due to space limitations. The QLED TV addresses this issue with its wide viewing angles and consistent picture quality from edge to edge. Regardless of where the viewer is sitting, or whether the content is being played in a brightly-lit or dark room, the picture quality and colour will stay consistent. Thus, every seat is a great seat.


Image credit: Samsung TV

5. Create a private cinematic experience at home

Imagine enjoying the latest blockbusters like Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy in the comfort of your own home. But to do so, it is important to get the right screen as it will ultimately be the heart of your home cinematic experience. Samsung’s QLED TVs are the perfect displays for this role as they are capable of producing 100% colour volume5, which means you can experience colours so close to reality. The TVs are also certified by the UHD Alliance (UHDA) as ULTRA HD PREMIUM™, meaning that they meet or exceed strict performance levels for 4K resolution, high-dynamic range (HDR), and wide colour spectrum. With this, you will be able to find details in dark shadows or whitewashed by brightness. To further enhance your cinematic experience with QLED TV, couple it with Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar powered by Dolby AtmosTM for a new dimension of surround sound experience.

1 The “Invisible Connection” refers to a single optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV nor cables connected to other devices, such as sound bars.

2 Compatible devices only.

3 No Gap Wall Mount is sold separately and applicable to selected models. The gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.

4 Studio stand and Gravity stand are sold separately and applicable to selected models.

5100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 Standard. Tested by world-class German testing association VDE: Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker

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