8 Unique and Inspiring Door Treatments to Spice Up Your Home Design

If you’re currently planning your dream home, you’ve probably got a long wishlist: countertops, shower fittings, backsplash tiles, curtains and maybe even a dashing walk-in wardrobe. But one thing you’ve probably neglected? The doors.

While these particular features are often forgotten about, they can add a lot of personality and visual interest to your interiors. Here are some unique and quirky door treatments to get you inspired.

Painted arch

squarerooms studio fortyfour blue curved design condo dining room wooden table blue door

Design by Studio FortyFour

One of our all-time favourites, the painted arched door is a must-have if you’re going for a whimsical design or want a striking pop of colour. For a cohesive design flow, try repeating the colour and shape of the arch in other parts of the home, such as the kitchen or the bedroom.

squarerooms eightytwo interior design home renovation apartment makeover singapore contemporary style look moh guan red pink door arched rounded curved hallway

Design by EightyTwo

Seamless design

akiHAUS bomb shelter wood wall door cover hidden conceal living room hdb bto

Design by akiHAUS

If a sleek, minimalist appearance is your jam, go with a seamless door design. The living area above used this style to conceal the household shelter, while the home below incorporated a hidden sliding door to the bathroom.

squarerooms noble interior design home renovation 24k budget cost reno bto flat minimalist white dining room mirror hidden storage door

Design by Noble Interior Design

Optical illusion

Weiken.com master bedroom white wood divider door open wardrobe

Design by Weiken

Feeling bold? Opt for a striking door that doesn’t look like a door at all. This luxurious bedroom boasts a modern divider with a sliding opening into a walk-in wardrobe. Not something you see every day!

Revolving door

squarerooms brim design home renovation neptune court interior styling makeover cosy inviting warm office bedroom dual double entrance swinging door red shelf

Design by Brim Design

In a smaller home, a revolving door can be a huge space-saver. This home office was separated from the bedroom with a dark revolving door, which makes for a down-to-earth feature wall when closed.

Pure glass

squarerooms noble interior design minimalist white wood scandinavian kitchen pastel green

Design by Noble Interior Design

We’ve seen a lot of clear kitchen doors, but not many are entirely frameless. The borderless glass look lends this kitchen a bright and airy feel that would certainly be marred by a solid frame.

Colourful frame

squarerooms Voila maximalist colourful bold home red yellow wood floors door frame table vintage

Design by Voila

For a quirky look that will catch the eye of friends and family, a colourful door frame will do the trick. Opt for a bright shade like red, blue, green or orange for an upbeat home that is sure to evoke happiness. Plus, warm colours are said to encourage appetite, so they’re always a great choice in the kitchen and dining area!

Tinted glass

squarerooms GFD living room luxury home grey black white monochromatic minimalist modern tinted glass door

Design by GFD

We love a glass door to close off the kitchen, but a tinted glass door takes things to a whole other level. Not only does it obscure unsightly dishes and messy countertops, but it also gives the living and dining area that extra touch of luxury.


squarerooms Lush Interior Design shoji japandi japanese door bedroom wood mattress white floor

Design by Lush Interior Design

Japandi is one of our favourite interior design trends at the moment. One aspect we particularly love is shoji—Japanese paper doors with gorgeous wooden frames. While these doors are usually paired with other Japandi elements, go ahead and experiment with the aesthetic. Maybe you’ll discover a whole new style that’s entirely yours!