These Versatile Fittings Will Make You Want a Stainless Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel is a widely underrated material in home interiors. We see countless kitchens fitted out with laminates, quartz and even wood, but many homeowners are reluctant to give stainless steel a shot.

In reality, stainless steel is incredibly versatile; it is easy to clean, extra hygienic, highly durable and nowadays available in many colours and patterns thanks to continuous developments in the industry. If you’ve dismissed stainless steel for your kitchen before, these fittings from Song-Cho will change your mind.

European-style kitchen systems

squarerooms song cho european style kitchen red cabinets stainless steel counter open doors panels

One of Song-Cho’s highest priorities when designing their stainless steel fittings is safety. This shows in the composition of their European-style kitchen cabinets, which are completely free of formaldehyde and made of grade 304 stainless steel for extra strength and durability.

Additionally, all of the company’s European-style stainless steel cabinets and door panels are 100% wood-free, making them water, mould and heat-resistant and thus suitable for outdoor applications as well.

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No need to worry about finding the right cabinets for the kitchen layout of your dreams, either. Song-Cho’s European-style kitchen systems are split into a variety of modules that can be configured, customised and even made to order just the way you like it.

High-end Japanese kitchens

squarerooms song-cho japanese kitchen woman stainless steel counter washing dishes sink tap

Song-Cho furthermore stocks the high-quality Japanese fittings from Cleanup Company, which boasts sixty years of experience in the industry and consistent research and development for guaranteed quality.

Like the European models, these Japanese fittings are crafted using exclusively grade 304 stainless steel, making them highly durable, easy to clean and entirely mould-resistant. They can be configured into versatile arrangements to suit any and all kitchen needs.

Each configuration maximises every inch of space to boast ample storage room and make the most of smaller kitchens especially. Moreover, you can mix and match modules across various looks and styles for a custom set-up that’s entirely yours. Of course, every module is made to order right in Japan.

For extra comfort, both the European and the Japanese cabinets are equipped with the BLUM soft-closing system, minimising any damage that could come to the fittings over the years.

The final touch

Need a new sink to match your cabinets and countertops? The company’s stainless steel kitchen sinks come with all of the properties that make their cabinets a must-have in any modern home, as well as an embossed e-coat that makes cleaning a breeze.

Take your pick from Song-Cho’s range of designs, be it a standard sink or the award-winning stream flow model. All of the sinks are available as stand-alone pieces or as part of an integrated one-piece design for a seamless stainless steel countertop that’s extra easy to clean and maintain.

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