Personalise Your Home With These Vintage Design Ideas

Often viewed as the opposite of minimalism, homeowners who adopt the new vintage style at home populate their rooms with older belongings in an attempt to preserve the past. Although it originated as a way to counteract growing gentrification in places like Mexico, this style has allowed many owners to preserve their own rich, personal identity. If you like the sound of this approach to decorating your home, ask yourself what truly reflects your heritage, and fill your home with those objects.

TIP: Vintage homes have distinguishing charms that bring their guests on a walk through history. So pay a visit to antique shops where you may find a hidden treasure to adorn your living space with.


Image courtesy of Monocot Studio

If antiques are hard to come by, another way to introduce the past to your home is by paying homage to its history – as seen in this space by three-d conceptwerke that preserves the essence of the home by retaining the original Art Deco vintage window grilles.


Image courtesy of three-d conceptwerke

Vintage-inspired interiors also bring out an unadulterated elegance, attributed to the lowkey colours that clad the biggest surfaces of the room. The backdrop of primary colours, such as beige and cream, is complemented with an array of colours like wooden accents and pastel-based shades, to really drive home that vintage aesthetic.


Image courtesy of Free Space Intent

Unless you want your home to feel like a museum, it’s highly unrealistic to build the entire space around antiques. The trick here is to look for modern-day acquisitions that showcase vintage details – inspired by tradition but still appropriate for the present day. Some examples include an item with contemporary and clean lines but a weathered finish, or a trendy piece that’s more ornate in design.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2019 issue of SquareRooms.