Where to Get Minimalist Lighting in Singapore: Sleek, Modern Lights at Galerie 5

Looking for some minimalist lights to brighten your home? Head down to Galerie 5 to view sleek, modern lights for days!

You may think that Galerie 5 is a haven of large, sculptural luminaires, but this lighting showroom is a must-visit for minimalist downlights too, especially the iconic AEON series.

Considering how unobtrusive the AEON downlights are, it’s no surprise that they are long-time favourites with homeowners. So, if you’re looking for some clean, unpretentious lights to fit out your home, here are some perfect minimalist picks you can view exclusively at Galerie 5.

Isa V3 Tunable White

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore isa v3 tunable white museum gallery light up display sculpture artwork 2700k 5000k warmth temperature

We love the understated design of the Isa V3 Tunable White, which offers significant upgrades from the original Isa V3 series.

Especially impressive is the flexibility this light offers, allowing you to regulate your circadian rhythm by adjusting the temperature of the light, leveraging its varied Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) settings, which range from 2700K warm to 5000K cool.

You can even schedule lighting scenes throughout the day depending on your needs, automating the changes in colour temperature to emulate natural lighting and induce a healthy sleep cycle.

What makes this automation even more convenient is that it can be easily set up using the Tuya Smart app and later integrated with and controlled using Google Nest or Amazon Alexa, making the Isa V3 Tunable White very accessible.

Isa V3 Mini

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore isa v3 mini museum gallery light up display sculpture artwork

The Isa V3 Mini takes things even further by reducing the size of the light to a mere 50mm while retaining all of the luminosity and magnitude of the Isa V3 series.

It blends into the ceiling line almost seamlessly and is the perfect choice to accent your favourite art pieces or home decor, creating a museum-like focal beam with dramatic shadowplay effects at a carefully calibrated 24° angle.

The Isa V3 Mini also comes with dim-to-warm functions and interchangeable funnels so you can switch up the design and style as and when you please.

Expanded Outdoor Range

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore cube bollard outdoor lamps floor ground cold snow ice landscape

If you’re fitting out your garden space, you’ll need some outdoor lights. The expanded AEON Outdoor Range includes the Cube Bollard and Carra S10, two floor-mounted luminaires that are sure to serve you well.

The Cube Bollard is a new take on the originally wall-mounted Cube light. Its floor-mounted design makes it especially suitable for larger outdoor spaces, such as gardens, yards and other grassy areas, blending into the surroundings without disrupting your beautiful landscaping.

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore carra outdoor lamps trees garden floor ground

As for the Carra S10, it features adjustable beam angles to illuminate your favourite trees and other focal points around the garden, making it as customisable as they come.

Both the Cube Bollard and Carra S10 are of course fully weather-resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about your outdoor spaces being left in the dark!

Bonus: upcoming launches from Makhno Studio

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore ochi sculptural lamp green blue weird quirky strange unique light bulb

Once you’ve finished browsing the minimalist lights at Galerie 5, head over to the more extravagant side of the showroom with its unique, handcrafted designer lighting.

Ukrainian lighting designer Makhno Studio will be launching some exciting new pieces at the end of the year, which will make an extra visit to Galerie 5 well worth your while. Make sure to keep an eye on this page to find out more!

One of these launches is OCHI, a sculptural, big-headed table lamp. “Ochi” in Ukrainian means eyes, and the studio crafted this lamp to serve as a pair of warm eyes watching over your home and lighting up your interiors with a loving spark.

squarerooms sol luminaire galerie 5 lighting shop showroom singapore strange unique wall tiles wall tetrapods grey silver geometric fit

The second exciting launch is Tetrapod, a series of unique, geometric tiles—and notably a Red Dot Design Award winner. With a truly unique shape, these little tiles lend themselves to creative, artistic applications all over your home.

What are you waiting for? Head down to Galerie 5 and start lighting up your home! To make your appointment, simply WhatsApp the team at 9106 2210 or call 6610 7221.

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