5 Easy, Fail-proof Ways to Instantly Update your Home in 2020  


A home refresh is not something you’d normally attempt without considerable planning and effort. However, we’d like to believe there’s an easier way to go about it, well, 5 fuss-free ways to be exact.

Chic family sofas exist – if you know where to look

The days of sitting on a boring and predictable family couch are over; as you can easily switch things up with a chic sofa overhaul.

The key to that is to pick a statement sofa, one that can elevate the space aesthetically. Even then if everything else remains status quo, it will still be obvious you have made a visual upgrade to your space.

Pebble Sectional Right Chaise Sofa-Fumo-Grey-Set3 Pebble Chaise Sectional Sofa in Fumo Grey, $1,549

Take the Pebble sofa from Castlery. In terms of function and form, it is built for everyday family life with its modular seating, open and airy base, and medium-firm plushness. Design-wise, it features sleek curves and a tailored outline that renders a stylishly modern impression.

Gianni-3 Seater Sofa-Petrol-Set1 Gianni 3-Seater Sofa in Petrol, $1,199

If you’re feeling more adventurous in the style department, consider the Gianni sofa with its Italian-inspired design profile.

A nice coffee table makes the difference 

With so many coffee table options, it can be tricky to find the right one. A nice coffee table is one which will elevate the look of every other furniture it is paired with; from your sofa to your TV console, and even the slightly pretentious coffee table books you place on it.  It should be nice enough to make an impression, but nothing too over-the-top that will steal away all the attention.

Alpha&Omega Coffee Table-Set1 Alpha Omega Coffee Table Set, $888

Our pick: The Alpha Omega coffee table set. You get the best of both worlds in the popular wood and marble look, and its pleasing clean lines will suit many contemporary settings.

Storage can be exciting 

If there’s anything more you need to consider, it would be purposefully picking storage pieces that look good.

Alexander Alexander Sideboard, $969

A striking sideboard or dresser gives you the chance to play up the area by your entryway, or that empty wall in your bedroom—yes, the one you didn’t know what to do with previously.

For fail-proof styling, dress up the sideboard with a wall mirror, décor accents of varying sizes, a table lamp or even some touches of greenery.

Nero-Sideboard-Set3 Nero Sideboard, $999

Some great options from Castlery include Alexander for that versatile solid wood look, or Nero with its luxe mirrored finish.

Musical chairs: Play mix & match

Creating visual interest is a sure-fire method for a quick and easy home refresh. This means introducing different colours, shapes and styles.  One fun example is mismatched dining chairs. New mantra: ‘No’ to homogeneity, and ‘Yes’ to mismatched ingenuity.

Vincent-oak-dining-table-D1 Vincent Dining Table in Oak, $699 with Vincent Dining Chairs in Oak, $209 and Lewis Armless Chairs in Ludo Grey, $189 

While getting the combination right may seem difficult at first, a good approach is to make sure the different chairs you choose have any of these qualities in common:  

  • Same shape, different colours and style
  • Same colour, different shape and style
  • Same style, different colour and shape 

miles dining tableMiles Dining Table with Bench and 2 Chairs, $1,236

Alternatively, you can consider including a bench in the line-up to break away from an all-chair ensemble, or integrate custom built-in seating on one side of your dining area.

Get creative in the bedroom – in more ways than one

Another easy-to-apply design trick? Making it personal. And where better to do so than in your bedroom? It’s the most intimate spot in a home; a space that is exclusively occupied by you, or with a partner. Achieving this doesn’t require a major revamp as it is all about small, creative touches that reflect your personality.

You can create a gallery wall with your favourite photos or artwork like the Teal swirl framed canvas (1); add in soft textiles like pillowsrugs and poufs (2) to evoke cosiness, and switch up your lighting – we particularly like the Cedric floor lamp (3) and the Bale table lamp (4).


Good design doesn’t have to be difficult. The right furniture choices will go a long way in refreshing your home.

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