5 Local Shops For Unique Wooden Furniture

Triple Eyelid
Established in 2014 and based in Jurong, Triple Eyelid is dedicated to upcycling and reducing waste. They create beautiful furniture using 100% upcycled wood, implementing contemporary designs into their sustainable work. From tables to stationery holders, you are sure to find something unique for your home. None of their current items strike you? Check out the bespoke gallery on their website, which features their portfolio of uniquely personalised creations – including a dazzling ceiling lamp made out of tree branches.


Image courtesy of Triple Eyelid Studio

Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery
Adopting the Japanese ‘shou sugi ban’ woodworking technique, Smoke’s designers create furniture by charring the wood, resulting in a natural black dye that accentuates the texture of the material. Each of their pieces is entirely unique and handmade with selected wood for an inimitable look. Smoke Signature, one of their three shops, is located in the Esplanade building and houses a selection of their most striking furniture. Alongside retro chairs with a contemporary twist and their signature charred coffee table, they stock spacey clothes by local designers. If you’re around the area and looking for a place to wind down, they also sell their own, handmade coffee in a cosy cafe space that combines vintage and neon designs for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


Image courtesy of Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery

Peng Handcrafted
Peng Handcrafted is known for statement wooden furniture featuring pipes. The creator, Peng, was originally inspired to craft this industrial-inspired style of furniture when he was making a housewarming present for his friend. After more and more people asked him for similar pieces, he opened his shop. He uses pipes as table legs, structures for bookshelves, and even entire lamps. To cater to people who find pipes a tad too industrial, he launched ‘OAK’, a series of introductory pieces that can be purchased from his online shop. If you want something a little out of the ordinary to make a statement in your home, Peng’s creations are sure to get the job done.


Image courtesy of Peng Handcrafted

Roger&Sons is a family business, run by three brothers. They love to experiment with new materials and ideas, and pride themselves in the functionality of their products, made to last while still looking amazing in any home. From elegant liquor cabinets to hipster-style wooden headphones, the eclectic mix of high-quality, hand-crafted items in their shop does not disappoint. Roger&Sons also kickstarted the Local Tree Project, which aims to use trees that have been felled locally for urban development, as opposed to importing new materials. This is not only environmentally friendly, but it will ensure that your furniture is hand-crafted in Singapore by Singaporeans, and made with trees that were once part of the local landscape.


Image courtesy of Roger&Sons

Gallery278 embodies a strong love for recycled and aged teakwood in all of its versatility. Their materials are sourced from old kudus houses in Indonesia, and can easily withstand changes in humidity, making them ideal for moody climates and even travel. Mixing older and newer styles to create unique pieces, the company also offer home styling and upholstery services. Their range of furniture is classy yet colourful, the individual pieces maintaining the lively personality of the wood. Every now and then, more unusual pieces pop up as well, offering bookshelves and tables that spiral and zigzag out of the ordinary. If you are looking to buy some basics and would like to get a few statement pieces from the same place, this collection won’t disappoint.


Image courtesy of Gallery278