7 Primary Coloured Home Decor To Brighten Up Your Space


Because there can never be too much colour at home!

Yellow Naomi sofa from Castlery

With its elegant curves and pop of colour, the Naomi sofa adds much cheer to your living space! $899 at Castlery

Jasper blue table lamp from Castlery

See clearer and stayed motivated at work with this blue-hued Jasper table lamp. $79 at Castlery

Yellow dip-dye bowl from Crate & Barrel

This yellow-dipped bowl sure makes whipping up delicious meals much for fun! $59.95 at Crate & Barrel

Paper placemat from UASHMAMA

Made of treated paper, this durable placemat from Aussie brand UASHMAMA is sure to garner praises from your guests. $15.50 at UASHMAMA

Red mini colander from Crate & Barrel

Look forward to washing your veggies with this fiery red colander. $11.95 at Crate & Barrel

Chevron stripped doormat from IKEA

Nothing says “welcome” more than a nautical-themed doormat. $12.90 at IKEA

Red dipped chopping board from Easy

Look forward to preparing your meals with this racy chopping board. $74.95 at Etsy