5 Cute and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts Perfect for Your New BTO Flat

Celebrating your first Valentine’s Day in your new BTO flat? Here are five cute and affordable gifts that will put a smile on your significant other’s face—and double up as romantic decor for your brand new home.

Botanical accents

squarerooms fortytwo home decor gifts cute romantic pink rabbit tail grass and pieck ceramic vase white

Rabbit Tail Grass, $8.90, and Pieck Ceramic Vase, $22.00, FortyTwo

Plants are beautiful, but they can be a lot of work, especially if you’re still settling into your new BTO flat. That’s why we recommend gifting your partner decorative rabbit tail grass from FortyTwo instead, which is dried and looks good all year round with no maintenance required. Pair it with a lovely ceramic vase for the best effect!

Cosy wall clock

squarerooms hipvan wall clock umbra hangtime minimalist home decor

Hangtime Clock, $67.90, HipVan

Every home needs a wall clock to keep the household on time. While you could opt for a classic clock design, we suggest choosing something a little more unique for an extra special gift, such as this elevated Hangtime clock from HipVan. It goes especially well with a minimalist or Scandi-inspired aesthetic.

Laptop stand with drawer

squarerooms ikea laptop computer monitor stand with drawer and space for keyboard storage

ELLOVEN Monitor Stand with Drawer, $29.90, IKEA

Working from home is almost a given these days, but is your BTO flat equipped with a conducive work area? To protect your partner’s back and keep things neat and seamless, gift them this monitor stand from IKEA, which comes with a handy drawer and extra space to keep your keyboard tucked out of sight.

Tropical plates

squarerooms nook and cranny tropical botanical leaf print plates

Foliage Decor Plates, $9.00, Nook & Cranny

Fit out your kitchen with some aesthetic dinnerware, like these gorgeous tropical plates from Nook & Cranny. Not only do they make for an irresistible gift, but you’ll never want to eat out of anything else again either!

Handpoured candle

squarerooms artisan of sense candle cedarwood lemongrass scent home fragrance romantic gift

Cedarwood and Lemongrass Candle, $30.00, Artisan of Sense

Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? To drive the romance home this Valentine’s Day, gift your other half a lovely Artisan of Sense candle in their favourite scent. Not sure which fragrance to choose? We think cedarwood and lemongrass is the perfect combo for a super cosy home.