Dwelling for Two: Transforming a Home with Smeg Appliances

A convenient location and a top-floor unit bathed in natural light—what more could a homeowner in Singapore ask for?

Yi Ling and her husband certainly got lucky when they scored their four-room resale flat along Senja Road. The home wasn’t in the best condition, with old carpentry and outdated flooring, but the couple figured that it showed heaps of potential.

Taking a leap of faith and trusting that he would bring their vision for a dream home to life, they engaged Shawn Kazuya from Xiaoming Interior Design to turn the space upside down.

Upon entering the home, one of the standout features is the extended counter space thoughtfully designed by Shawn for the homeowners. Their desire for a dedicated area for coffee preparation is evident, featuring the Smeg espresso machine with an integrated grinder. This addition brings the cozy charm of a coffee shop directly into their living space.

The home’s off-white white colour palette exudes calm and modernity around every corner, with a selection of textured finishes introducing visual and tactile interest to the space.

The heart of the home

Where some homeowners dream of a soothing bathroom redesign or a restful bedroom overhaul, Yi Ling and her husband couldn’t wait to see the finished kitchen. With a wishlist of Smeg appliances on hand, ensuring that the kitchen design would accommodate these top picks was a key priority.

Shawn and his team conceived a new layout for the kitchen, extending the surface area with a low, sintered stone countertop from Melmer Stoneworks and making room for the Smeg kettle, coffee machine and other small appliances.

Incorporating the freestanding cooker from Smeg turned out to be the greatest challenge of the renovation, as the carpentry had to be constructed before the appliance was on-site. Thankfully, the team’s precise attention to detail resulted in a perfect fit—in fact, the kitchen wouldn’t be the same without this centrepiece.The Smeg chimney hood, accompanying the cooker, not only contributes to a healthier cooking space but also acts as a stylish design element, elevating the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

Now that they have the ability to cook up a feast any time they desire, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is the couple’s favourite area of the home.

Curated interiors

The designer began the renovation works by tearing down most of the old interiors. The carpentry was removed entirely, making room for fresh built-ins throughout the flat, and the floors in all of the common areas and bedrooms were overlaid with the same vinyl flooring for cohesiveness.

While the common bathroom was clad in brand-new tiles, the main bathroom underwent a full overhaul. Shawn’s team reorientated the latter and erected a half-wall to demarcate the shower, which contains any splashes while also letting in plenty of natural light. This new shower enclosure is bright and airy and even boasts a handy storage niche for uncluttered functionality. Even beyond the kitchen, the owners’ love of Smeg appliances is evident. The iconic mini fridge can be spotted in two separate rooms—the living area and the home office—drawing the eye with the brand’s signature bold colours.

Further enlivening the various spaces in the home is a selection of houseplants from Plunt.Co, ranging from a large, potted tree adorning the living room corner to smaller plants found in the home office, kitchen and bathrooms. 

Furnishings were kept to a minimum in order to maintain an uncluttered environment. What found a space in the home is highly curated and serves a distinct purpose, such as the curved sofa and other living room pieces. Built-ins were carefully considered as well and occasionally serve double-duty, like the full-height wardrobe with its built-in side table.

Working around the flat’s condition and its many worn elements wasn’t easy, but thanks to the owners’ clear vision and the design team’s skilful execution, Yi Ling and her husband now have a dream home to call their own.  

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