Elevate The Beauty Of Your Home With Glass With This New Designer Collection From Lifestorey


By its definition, glass is a hard and brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, that is made by heating sand to an incredibly high temperature and then cooling it rapidly. And to the average person, we know that glass is used to make windows, drinking containers and other decorative articles.

But for Vittorio Livi, he saw glass as a mass of seeming contradictions – solid and fragile, natural and artificial, ancient and industrial – and loved it for just that, in addition to its practical qualities. Not content with this material of vast potential used in the world of furniture for only the production of small accessories and ornaments, the Italian took his passion and appreciation for glass and started FIAM, which is a luxury Italian furniture manufacturer that designs, develops and produces items of furniture made exclusively from curved glass.

Astonishingly solid yet beautifully transparent, the FIAM collection is now available at Lifestorey @ Dempsey. Let’s look at some choice picks from FIAM here.

Quadra coffee table

Comprising four storage compartments in 10mm curved glass mounted between two 10mm glass racks, the Quadra is both practical and beautiful. With all four sides, internal partitions and the top in extra light glass panels, items on the inside can be easily displayed and showcased, making the coffee table truly the centre of attraction in any living space. Bases are also available in back-painted extra light glass, extra light mirrored glass, or back-silvered bronze glass.


Waves coffee table

With undulating lines on the table top that are reminiscent of waves in the ocean, this coffee table will make a striking design statement in any living space. The metal base of the table is also available in opaque titanium and in black glossy nickel, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into interiors with any type of design style, from industrial to contemporary.


Pop mirror

Mirrors are a necessity in any household, but usually, their purpose is more functional than it is aesthetics. However, with the Pop mirror, the fitting will be an eye-catching feature in any space. What’s more, the rear painted metal frame can be customised into a variety of shapes, and it can also be hung horizontally or vertically, making it suitable for any surface in the home.


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