8 Furniture And Decor Workshops For Beginners


If your home doesn’t feel unique and personalised enough, there are many shops you can check out around Singapore that sell custom furniture and hand-made decorations. But if you want to take it one step further, why not make your very own furniture and decor? Here are some local workshops to get you started.

With a focus on woodworking and metalworking, Tombalek workshops will teach you how to make things as big as chairs and as small as chopsticks. Best of all, their workshops are Skillsfuture redeemable. If you want to switch things up from your dinner date this year, they also offer Valentine’s Day classes for you and your significant other.


Image courtesy of Tombalek

Big Blue Trunk
Big Blue Trunk offer workshops with the aim to unleash creativity and discover one’s unique artistic abilities. Aside from general painting workshops, they offer classes on furniture painting and upcycling. You can sign up to paint a chair, a table, or even just a small plant pot.


Image courtesy of Big Blue Trunk

One Maker Group
As a creative design studio, One Maker Group offer a mix of workshops that fall into the artisanal and tech categories. Aside from classes on 3D printing and circuit tiles, you can learn handy things such as leathercraft and metalworking. Their woodworking workshops are perhaps the most comprehensive ones, offering three separate options: introductory, comprehensive, and one aimed at families.


Image courtesy of One Maker Group

Make Your Own
The cosy space over at Make Your Own describes itself as a workshop cafe. The individual workshops focus on how to create your own terrarium, making them ideal for plant lovers. If you have kids, it’s also a great place for them to learn how to create something of their own while connecting with nature. The corporate workshops on offer are more varied, covering copper-working, calligraphy, and making your own ukulele.


Image courtesy of Make Your Own

Concrete Everything
The taster workshops at Concrete Everything will introduce you to things as varied as coaster making and creating your own toothbrush stand. If you’re up for a more intense learning experience, their maker workshops teach the craft of marble plates, and even how to make a statement desk lamp. Their ultimate masterclass, on the other hand, will guide you through making a galaxy-themed wall clock from scratch.


Image courtesy of Concrete Everything

The Plant Story
Based on the idea that immersing yourself in nature is healthy for both mind and body, The Plant Story offers workshops on urban farming, mini gardening, and putting together a home apothecary. The workshops are aimed at local homeowners who are curious about gardening and even growing their own produce and herbs, but are limited by the constraints of urban housing.


Image courtesy of The Plant Story

Day by They
Day by They was founded by two designers, and offers classes in copper-smithing alongside a collection of handmade products. Their workshops are updated regularly on their Facebook, and teach the basics of making copper spoons and dishes.


Image courtesy of Day by They

Green Banana
While mostly a terrarium and ‘ben-to’ shop, Green Banana occasionally offer workshops in terrarium making. Their upcoming workshop, Floral Fantasy, teaches the art of floral arrangements made with dried plants, preserved flowers, and driftwood – all inside a jar!


Image courtesy of Green Banana