Gaggenau’s “The Elevation of Gravity” Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2024

During Milan Design Week 2024, Gaggenau presented “The Elevation of Gravity,” an exhibition that boldly reimagines the intersection of design and functionality. This event not only marked a significant milestone in Gaggenau’s history but also offered attendees a journey through innovation, art, and engineering. “The Elevation of Gravity” extends beyond traditional appliance design, creating a space where the laws of gravity appear suspended and the principles of minimalism are elegantly incorporated into Gaggenau’s latest product offerings.

Each product at the exhibition was a manifestation of Gaggenau’s commitment to pushing boundaries while harmonising heritage and modernity in kitchen aesthetics. The brand’s new induction cooktops, from “The Essential Induction” line, exemplified this ethos with their minimalist designs that integrate flawlessly into contemporary kitchens. These cooktops feature intuitive controls, versatile cooking zones, and a flush, frameless appearance, aligning with the modern preference for clean, uninterrupted surfaces.

Specifically designed for seamless integration with an exclusive range of Dekton stone countertops, these cooktops are available in various finishes to complement any kitchen decor. Additionally, the innovative ‘dot’—an LED light within the cooking zone—not only guides the placement of cookware but also indicates residual heat and retracts when not in use, transforming the cooktop island into a multifunctional space suitable for preparation, serving, dining, and socialising.

To further enhance the cooking experience, Gaggenau has introduced removable magnetic surface protectors for The Essential Induction cooktops. These protectors reduce noise from pans moving across the stone surface and protect the worktop against scratches, while ensuring optimal performance by maintaining the conductivity necessary for the induction modules. The cooktops are equipped with features like keep warm and boost functions, and an elegantly illuminated performance knob available in stainless steel or black. Paired with Gaggenau’s ceiling extractors, they create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing kitchen environment, especially suited to open-plan designs.

Sven Baacke, Gaggenau’s Head of Design, emphasised the revolutionary nature of this design approach: “It’s about eliminating the boundaries between preparation and living. It offers the ultimate freedom in kitchen planning, a concept that transforms how designers and planners view the modern kitchen.”

For design aficionados and culinary enthusiasts, “The Elevation of Gravity” served as a profound source of inspiration, showcasing how cutting-edge technology can be seamlessly integrated into the home, elevating the art of living. The exhibition not only highlighted Gaggenau’s latest innovations but also set new standards in the luxury appliance industry, stressing that the future lies in the perfect balance of form and function.

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