How to Buy Furniture: Top Furniture Shopping Tips for a Home You’ll Love

Furnishing your first home and not sure how to buy and choose furniture? Read on for our top furniture shopping tips, so you can choose and buy furnishings you love with no regrets!

1 Don’t follow furniture trends

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Vertio Wall System

With the number of trendy furnishings on the market, it’s easy to fall in love with a particular piece and impulsively buy it for your home without thinking of its longevity. It may be a pleasant addition to your home for a few months, but the truth is that its appeal will likely fade as trends change.

Opting for timeless pieces that you enjoy beyond their trendy status, on the other hand, ensures that you’ll love your home in the long run.

Brands like King Living specialise in these kinds of timeless designs, crafting items in response to practical needs as opposed to fads, always aiming for modularity, easy maintenance and lasting beauty.

As our lifestyles change and our households expand, modular furniture is especially convenient, adapting to new ways of living without any hassle. One of our favourite pieces? The highly adaptable Vertio Wall System, consisting of modular components that can be rearranged over the years to match your needs.

2 Balance comfort and minimalism

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Zaza Sofa

Minimalism is on many homeowners’ minds these days, and for good reason. As we spend more time at home, crafting simple spaces that are easy to clean and tidy makes for much more peaceful and pleasant living.

The downside of minimalism is that we may sometimes neglect our needs in an attempt to streamline things as much as possible. For instance, we may love the idea of a minimalist kitchen, but the reality is that we need enough cabinets to store our appliances and cookware.

The same applies to other areas of the house—we may love the look of a minimalist living room, but it’s important to pick furniture that also prioritises comfort and doesn’t just look sleek.

The key is to choose items that are multifunctional and fulfil many needs at once. Opting for a sofa with modular components is a good example.

Depending on your needs, King Living offers sofas that can be configured to fit various group sizes, charge devices, sleep friends and family or transform into the ideal cinema seating with extra trays for food and drinks.

Take the Zaza sofa, for instance, which can be transformed into an elegant daybed. Its arms and backrest fold out seamlessly to an angle of your choice, adapting to your ideal position for ultimate comfort and 360-degree multifunctionality.

3 To be sustainable, shop for long-lasting furnishings

squarerooms king living furniture jono fleming stylist small apartment tips advice ideas furnishing space interior design modern bedroom storage bed woman lifting hydraulic system serenade bed

Serenade Bed

When trying to lead more eco-friendly lives, we may think that we need to buy lots of sustainable products and switch our lifestyles entirely. This path can have a positive impact, but it can also be expensive and difficult to stick to in the long run.

If you’re overwhelmed by the countless eco-friendly options out there and have no idea where to start, we recommend taking one very simple step: consider your purchases carefully, only buy things you need and always opt for items that are made to last.

This considered approach to shopping will make your home instantly more eco-friendly, for the simple reason that you’ll be wasting much less. Instead of replacing low-quality furniture every few years, you’ll be opting for long-lasting pieces, such as the durable furnishings from King Living.

These are fitted out with a precision-engineered steel frame that’s also infinitely recyclable and comes with a 25-year warranty. On top of that, the King Living furnishings can simply be reupholstered if you want a fresh look, avoiding wasteful replacements.

4 Prioritise modular furniture for guests

squarerooms king living delta sofa living room luxury modular furniture

Delta Sofa

Not every home has the space for a whole guest bedroom. If your apartment is rather small, you may want to make use of the living room as a makeshift guest space with a sofa that seamlessly turns into a bed.

The problem is that most of those modular sofas are quite inconvenient, with awkward mechanisms and bulky silhouettes. And sometimes they’re just not nice to look at!

If you’re getting frustrated with this issue, check out the King Living range of modular sofas—the Delta Sofa in particular transforms into a guest bed with ease, making the change simple and straightforward even for guests with limited strength.

It’s also a very elegant model with no bulky parts, taking up minimal space while still providing plenty of support and durability.

If you’re looking for a little something to spice up the area further, why not add an ottoman? The King Living Bongo Ottoman comes with a handy tray top, making it a useful addition to the living area in any configuration—be it a gathering space during the day or a guest suite at night.

5 Shop multiple furniture pieces in the same store

squarerooms king living neo bed ocean view window bedroom woman sitting

Neo Bed

The most frustrating part of furnishing your home can often be the endless hours spent driving from one shop to another and trying to find the perfect combination of items.

Especially when furnishing a single room, it can be really convenient to find everything you need in one place, saving you plenty of time and minimising any hassle with delivery and installation.

When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, we couldn’t recommend King Living enough as a shopping destination. Not only do they offer various modular bed frames with handy accessories and add-ons, but also bedside tables, rugs, cushions and yes—even mattresses!

The Neo Bed is a particular favourite of ours, with its refined silhouette, slim hardwood legs and integrated smart accessories. The Sleep+ mattress is its perfect partner, packing customisable layers and temperature-regulating covers for a deeply comfortable slumber.

It’s also been certified by Sensitive Choice, which recognises products that benefit asthma and allergy sufferers, so even the most sensitive sleepers can get to rest with peace of mind.

King Living

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