New Launches of the Week: Furniture, Kitchen Appliances, Surfaces and More


Featuring furniture launches from IKEA, new Caesarstone surfaces and a chance to see your home on TV.

Outdoor blinds for every kind of weather

squarerooms mc.2 outdoor blinds dining room house landed property

Known for its motorised blinds technology, Belgium brand Renson recently released its Fixscreen Evo100 outdoor blinds in Singapore, available at mc.2. They’re ideal for blocking out sun rays, preventing rain from splashing indoors and keeping out dust and insects. As the edges are securely held in by side guides, the blinds will even keep your AC’s cool air from escaping.

This feature also prevents the blinds from flapping and tearing—after all, the blinds were made to withstand Belgium’s occasional extreme wind speeds of over hundreds of kilometres per hour! Installation and removal of the blinds are easy, and though they can extend up to 2.7 metres, the blinds were designed to be completely concealed when not in use so they can fit right in with your decor.

A chance to see your home on TV

squarerooms filmplace tv movie film location home host homeowners earn money

Home and venue owners keen on seeing their space on TV (and earning some cash) may be interested in checking out Filmplace. The platform launched by award-winning local filmmaker Lincoln Lin aims to help production companies secure filming locations with ease while giving home and business owners a chance to earn extra revenue. Of course, you’ll first need to find out if your property is eligible. You can also hop onto the site to learn more and ask questions.

A one-stop-shop for prospective homeowners

squarerooms ohmyhome home renovation bathroom opulent luxury gold silver marble bathtub baby bubble bath

In addition to helping users find their ideal place, property platform Ohmyhome has added renovation services to its site so future homeowners can rely on the page for all their end-to-end dwelling needs. An experienced in-house team makes the reno process as smooth and transparent as possible, offering a complimentary design proposal that reveals clear costing so you’ll know what you’re paying for before proceeding. Full renovation packages are priced attractively from as low as $9,888.

Delicious kitchen appliances

squarerooms Kitchenaid kitchen appliances blender honey shade warm yellow orange colour

If you’ve been eyeing KitchenAid’s dreamy appliances for the longest time, the brand’s new Honey tone may be all the reason you need to finally make that purchase. Inspired by the global need for togetherness, the rich and warm shade has also been chosen as KitchenAid’s 2021 colour of the year. Bring the sweet hue into your home with small appliances such as the K400 Blender, $549, or the baker’s favourite Artisan 5-quart Tilt-head Stand Mixer, $899, both available at Tangs, Takashimaya, Harvey Norman, BEST Denki and Lazada.

Quartz surfaces for outdoor dining

squarerooms caesarstone outdoor engineered quartz surface countertop island outside palm shade white cream dinner family friends hands

Beloved for its hardiness, low-maintenance properties and myriad designs, Caesarstone now has an Outdoor collection so you can use the quartz surface in open-air spaces like yards and rooftops. Reportedly the first of its kind, the new quartz material has been tested rigorously for UV and weather resistance, outperforming other popular outdoor options like ceramic, granite, concrete and stainless steel.

The collection has three new colours in a trendy matte finish—Palm Shade is a fresh take on white marble, Clearskies is an earthy grey while Midday resembles tinted white concrete. Find out more about the Outdoor collection here.

Earthy furnishings for a chic home

squarerooms ikea furnishings furniture kitchen minimalist earthy rustic wood cool tones new

For fans of the relaxed yet refined look, IKEA’s newest arrivals are right down your alley. Featuring light and earthy hues, as well as natural elements like birch and bamboo, the pieces nail the chic and luxe aesthetic, at prices that are hard to beat.

For more news and product launches, keep your eyes peeled for the April 2021 issue of SquareRooms!