New Launches of the Week: A New Sofa from KING, Smart Home Tech and More


Featuring a new sofa from KING, this year’s line-up of Sony TVs and other exciting product launches.

A short-term retreat from renovations

squarerooms oakwood retreat short term singapore bedroom deluxe white minimalist grey

Tired of hearing your neighbours drilling and hacking into the walls all day? Or need a place to stay while your own home is under construction? Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore has introduced a new stay package specifically for homeowners who don’t want to listen to short-term reno works while working from home or those who need temporary accommodation while their own renovation is being carried out. The package is titled Retreat from Renovations and can be booked for weeks or months at a time.

Besides complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, uncapped utilities and access to an infinity pool and fitness centre, this retreat also boasts special perks such as StorHub storage vouchers for guests on monthly stays.

A contemporary sofa for relaxed living

squarerooms king living fleur sofa couch armchair pink red elegant contemporary luxury high end furniture soft furnishings

Australian furniture brand KING has launched a new contemporary sofa in its line-up: Fleur, a curvilinear seater with a soft silhouette and sophisticated design. Despite its elegant look, the sofa is timeless and versatile enough to fit into less formal home settings just as well, keeping the surroundings visually light in the process.

Just like the other KING sofas, the Fleur model comes with sumptuous seats that invite you to sink into the material and truly relax. The couch is framed by integrated folding backrests that allow for dual seating positions, be it a low-profile arrangement or deep seats with a high back and head support. The arms of the sofa are similarly adjustable for personalised comfort and an adaptable look.

Faster laundry and cleaner clothes

squarerooms samsung washer dryer quickdrive new washing machine appliance laundry white

Joining Samsung‘s line-up of home appliances is a new series of washers and dryers with revolutionary AI and faster laundry cycles than ever. The QuickDrive washing machines and dryers have personalisation and machine learning at their core, memorising your favourite wash cycles and detecting your fabrics to recommend the ideal programme and dispense the right amount of detergent.

The new line-up consists of 21 washing machines, dryers and combo appliances, aiming to eliminate guesswork and shorten washing cycles using innovative technologies to make laundry a much more pleasant household chore.

Luxury loungewear for ultimate comfort

squarerooms sojao luxury casual loungewear clothes new launch singapore local eco friendly sustainable cosy comfy

SOJAO, Singapore’s very own organic bedding brand, has now launched its first Casual Loungewear line, which includes an organic cotton tee and organic cotton lounge pants for comfort that feels smooth and luxurious on the skin.

Both items are of course made with durable, ethically produced, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, resulting in a fabric that is soft to the touch yet hard-wearing and long-lasting. The tees are jersey-knitted and manufactured without synthetic blends—and they get softer with every wash! They’re available in five soothing colours: Midnight, Navy, Pebble, Olive and Rouge, while the pants are sateen-woven and available in Stone, Navy, Cloud and Ice.

Smart TVs with improved AI

squarerooms sony tv 2021 x95j bravia smart new launch ai

Sony has released its line-up of BRAVIA XR TVs for 2021, including the MASTER Series Z9J 8K LED and A90J OLED, as well as the A80J OLED, X95J and X90J 4K LED televisions, with improved AI for a more immersive audiovisual experience.

What makes these TVs stand out from the rest is Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, which functions as the brain of the new BRAVIA XR launches. The TVs’ processing ability goes beyond that of conventional AI, replicating how humans see by detecting natural focal points all over the screen and cross-analysing colour, contrast and detail for a more cohesive viewing experience. It additionally recognises sound positions in the signal for realistic audio that feels lifelike and natural, optimising every scene.

For more news and product launches, keep your eyes peeled for the April 2021 issue of SquareRooms!