New Sonos Era 100 and Era 300: Spatial Sound, Bluetooth and TruePlay for Android

Yes, the rumours are true: two new Sonos speakers—the Era 100 and Era 300—are launching this month, bringing lots of new features to the table. In combination with the iconic Sonos Arc, these new speakers allow you to put together a full 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system at home, immersing yourself in all-encompassing sound with no limitations.

One of the major highlights of this launch is the newly introduced Bluetooth connectivity, which is a major first for the brand. WiFi streaming will of course still be an option too, along with direct connections to devices like turntables, using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

Android users can rejoice as well: while Trueplay was previously only available for Apple devices, it is now available for Android streaming too—a highly requested addition that will make many music lovers happy.

squarerooms sonos era 300 black speaker on bookshelf console table hand

Sonos Era 300

Trueplay will work somewhat differently for Android users, however, making use of the built-in microphones in the Sonos speakers themselves to conduct the room analysis and sound optimisation. Apple users, on the other hand, will continue to use their phones to tune the speakers for optimal sound quality in any setting.

The presence of built-in microphones may sound concerning, but these can be easily switched off for guaranteed privacy. A dedicated button lets you temporarily mute the mics, while a physical switch at the back fully shuts them off.

Other new features include the improved user interface, which comes with a capacitive, intuitive volume slider that integrates Sonos Voice Control as well as commands via the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

squarerooms sonos era 100 white speaker on night stand table hand

Sonos Era 100

Sonos is also stepping up its commitment to sustainability, crafting the new speakers out of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and packaging them in 100% sustainably sourced paper.

Instead of the usual adhesives, the new speakers are built with screws for easy disassembly and repair, aiming to extend the life of each unit. The Era 100 and Era 300 are also engineered to reduce power consumption with a new sleep function and under two watts of idle energy use.

squarerooms sonos era 100 white speaker on bookshelf hand

Sonos Era 100

As for the difference between the two speakers, the Era 300 is built to deliver powerful spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, while the Era 100 is a new and improved reimagining of the Sonos One, the brand’s timeless bestseller we all know and love.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sonos Era 100 and Era 300.

Sonos Era 100

squarerooms sonos era 100 black speaker on console with turntable

Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 is the smaller of the two new speakers, only slightly larger than the Sonos One and perfectly sized for a bookshelf or nightstand. Despite its slim, modern design, it packs powerful audio, equipped with two angled tweeters for a rich stereo experience and a larger mid-woofer that results in a surprisingly deep bass.

Two Era 100 speakers can also be combined as rears to create a room-filling surround sound system, rounding off your home theatre setup.

Vinyl enthusiasts will also appreciate that the Era 100 can be directly connected to a turntable with an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter, which wasn’t possible with the Sonos One.

While many speaker brands have switched to wireless streaming only, Sonos still allows direct, physical music streaming, an option that many audiophiles will love.

Sonos Era 300

squarerooms sonos era 300 white speaker

Sonos Era 300

While the Sonos Era 300 is just a single speaker, it’s equipped with six powerful drivers that direct sound not just left and right but also forward and upward, resulting in truly spatial sound. This cutting-edge audio performance fully immerses you in the sound experience as the audio wraps around you, be it from a Spotify track or a new Marvel movie.

It’s also the brand’s first speaker to deliver multi-channel, 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound; simply pair two Era 300 speakers as home cinema rears, perfectly complementing the Sonos Arc or Beam (Gen 2) for a next-level experience that brings any movie to life.

The cinched hourglass design of the Era 300 is both elegant and purposeful, with each angle and perforation directing the sound and enhancing the dispersion for a more immersive result.

squarerooms sonos era 300 black speaker woman with phone in hand connecting bluetooth

Sonos Era 300

To achieve this breakthrough spatial sound, Sonos worked closely with leading artists and creators, fine-tuning the speaker so listeners can enjoy the audio as the artists intended—a true audiophile experience.

The Era 100 will retail for $449 and the Era 300 for $799, both available globally from 28 March 2023. Pre-orders are available now at as well as the TC Acoustic Adelphi store.