News and Launches of the Week: Cosentino, MUJI, Samsung and More


The newest launches for your home, from carbon-neutral quartz surfaces to a Wi-Fi photo frame.

Cosentino launches first carbon-neutral quartz surfaces

squarerooms cosentino silestone sunlit days green bathroom quartz surfaces black bathtub

Silestone by Cosentino just launched Sunlit Days, the first carbon-neutral collection of quartz surfaces in the industry. Not only are these surfaces more environmentally friendly than ever, but they are also exceptionally beautiful, bringing colour to Cosentino’s range with vibrant shades inspired by the Mediterranean.

These range from the soothing Cala Blue and lush Posidonia Green to the refreshing Arcilla Red, the bolder hues supported by Faro White and Cincel Grey, two neutral shades that anchor this yummy, romantic collection.

MUJI reopens with new products and lower prices

squarerooms muji jem store reopening new products lower prices japandi scandi minimalist wood shelves shelving unit storage simple

Starting today, MUJI is re-opening its west-side store at JEM with an expanded store size, brand new items, new services and lower prices. Some of our highlights from the opening include new items for kids, one-size garments for ladies and the decent variety of new services, such as an embroidery station for personalised textiles, a coffee machine and a handy water refill station for shoppers. Those looking to furnish their spanking new homes will be glad to know that the store also boasts extra space to display MUJI furniture now.

In true MUJI fashion, the re-opening comes with lower prices on everyday essentials, such as cotton shirts, pyjamas, simple dresses, jeans, sneakers and underwear, as well as organisation and cleaning tools, toiletries and self-care items. Head down to the store to enjoy additional opening specials!

Samsung unveils new home appliances

squarerooms samsung flex fridge refrigerator new launch singapore kitchen appliances luxury home interior buy

Samsung has unveiled its latest home appliances, the new 4-Door Flex Refrigerator series and the Jet Bot+ with Clean Station, a robot vacuum cleaner for an extra low-maintenance home.

Available in four models with flexible, personalised features to suit various lifestyles, the 4-Door Flex Refrigerators don’t just ensure that food stays fresh and tasty over time, but also offer quick and easy access to the new Beverage Centre, as well as ice and cold water to clench your thirst on a hot day.

The Jet Bot+, on the other hand, makes for an automated and hygienic cleaning experience from start to finish, the Clean Station functioning as a handy charging dock and an automated dust disposal solution.

Hansgrohe releases music made from unusual water sounds

squarerooms hansgrohe shower water flow rain bathroom blue

You may not expect a company that specialises in bathroom fittings to release a music album, but hansgrohe’s WaterTunes is certainly worth a listen. Comprising songs such as “Love for the Rain,” “The Beauty of Flow” and “Follow the Wave,” the album lists a total of eight electro-pop tracks that range from lively and vibrant to perfectly soothing.

The tunes were composed by German musicians Florian Kruse and Andreas Paulsen, who based the music on water disturbance noise from the brand’s spray and sound lab, making it an entirely unique and unconventional album. You can listen to all eight tracks on the hansgrohe website as well as on Spotify.

Netgear launches Wi-Fi photo frame

squarerooms meural wifi photo frame netgear launch digital product picture display shelf family

Netgear’s all-new Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame allows you to share special moments instantly on a crystal-clear, 15.6″ screen worthy of being displayed in your home. You’ll never have to worry about printing family pictures again thanks to 4K image support, easy uploads and even motion-activated gallery browsing. You can choose a single image or set up slideshows of your favourites and even schedule when to change things up.

The Meural frame can be placed in both landscape and portrait mode and comes with a built-in stand for added versatility. Its ambient light sensors help to adjust the image brightness according to the surroundings, making for an unparalleled, intuitive display.

For more news and product launches, keep your eyes peeled for the July 2021 issue of SquareRooms!