Shining bright: A glimpse into Sol Luminaire’s new showroom space

The Sol Luminaire’s brand new showroom is a jubilation of light, artistry, and impeccable design. The esteemed local lighting studio presents a mesmerising transformation that reshapes how we perceive and engage with light. 

A shopping experience like no other

Departing from the traditional cookie-cutter booth settings, the open-concept showroom features organic curves, a natural colour scheme, and materials. The inclusion of a tiered ceiling inspired by real homes provides homeowners with a distinctive experience in the art of life layering. To enhance your shopping experience further, the team at Sol Luminaire provides lighting consultation, tailored to your specific interior needs. With a diverse portfolio of working with architects, interior designers, and homeowners, accompanied with their high-quality lighting solutions, rest assured that the advice comes from experienced professionals. 

Lighting the Concrete Jungle

Just a few doors down from Sol Luminaire’s showroom, the LAB2.1 space has undergone a makeover too, blending brutalist charm with sophistication. Within this space, dedicated booths play with shadows, enhancing the brilliance of specific lighting displays. The steel frames contribute to an industrial aesthetic that coexists nicely with upscale elements like leather couches, creating a gallery-like ambiance where lighting fixtures are showcased as central art pieces.

Welcoming new additions. 

Ripple Gyspum, AEON® 

Celebrating the success of the ISA family, the ISA V3 – Ripple Gypsum collection introduces an innovative lighting solution. Available in two sizes, it captivates with its compact design, casting celestial ripples across your ceiling.

Voli V2, AEON® 

Perfect for modern and contemporary interiors, The Voli V2, an evolution from the Voli Recessed, underscores our dedication to compact lighting solutions. Embracing a trimless design, it features a Dim-to-Warm functionality, and rotational capabilities for consistent light output. 

(Editor’s pick) Kepler V2, AEON® 

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and functionality to any bedroom, The Kepler V2, maintains its seamless rotational functionality and introduces new features. With an intuitive touch sensor, captivating Dim-to-Warm technology for a cosy ambiance, and the convenience of a USB Type C charging port, it becomes the ideal companion for overnight charging.

Boba Chain Pendant & Boba Pendant 

The Boba Chain and Boba Pendant are set to make a bold statement in interiors, combining drama and elegance with its design. Both available in three colorways—full steel, black/gold, it is set to draw attention in any interior spaces. 

Mario Tsai Studio 

Mario Tsai Studio, renowned for merging tech innovation and structural creativity, unveils three exclusive collections: Grid, Mazha 5.2, and Bloom. Intriguing to the eyes, the collection has its way of using various metal materials to form into futuristic creations. 

A-emotional light: Nebra & Blossom

Exclusive to the LAB2.1 in three sizes, Nebra’s sleek linear pendant suits Singaporean apartments. 

Blending direct and indirect lighting, it offers a subtle, ambient glow with a hint of hazy horizons. Blossom is an asymmetrical, graceful table lamp that plays with colour nuances, creating a captivating visual experience.


Experience the future of smart home technology with Janus, a metal kinetic switch developed through the collaboration of Futura and Sol Luminaire. Available in three colourways, this innovative switch seamlessly combines elegant design, cutting-edge technology, and intuitive functionality, enhancing your living space with sophistication and enduring durability. 

Visit Sol Luminaire galleries or explore online for inspirational designs and artistic illumination: 

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