Starbucks’ Newest Flagship Store Is A Haven For Art And Design Lovers


Occupying two floors in a duplex structure within the mall, the all-new Starbucks outlet at Jewel Changi Airport is the largest to date, aimed at serving locals and tourists with the best that the coffee chain has to offer in an indulgent mix of quality coffee and localised offerings. Although Starbucks may be a common local sight, this latest addition will serve as the famous coffee chain’s first Singapore flagship store.


The duplex’s beautifully layered wooden storefront was inspired by the rolling hills of coffee fields as well as the textures from coffee farm landscapes. At the front and centre of the store sits a sprawling coffee bar shaped like a coffee bean which has been designed with cross-sectional honeycomb patterns that were carved on wooden material for added texture. Every bit of the store’s interior is aimed at delivering an immersive experience that celebrates the meaningful bean to cup journey.


Alongside the polished interiors and artisanal woodwork is the eye-catching mural that has been specially commissioned. Stretching across the wall that links the two levels of the store, the art piece had been hand-chiselled over two months in the artist’s interpretation of the Starbucks Siren. The national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, had also been subtly placed on the Siren’s hair as a nod to the Singapore culture.


Integrated with unique Singaporean flavours, the exclusive food menu for Starbucks Jewel includes freshly prepped gourmet sandwiches such as the Satay Chicken Ciabatta ($10.90), as well as pre-packed bites like the Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad ($11.90); which is the brand’s healthier take on the iconic dish that comprises a medley of cauliflower rice, quinoa, poached chicken slices, achar, cherry tomatoes, chicken skin crisp and chicken rice sauce. At the top of the exciting gastronomic innovations is the champion of the Starbucks Jewel experience – the four-tap Nitro. As the only second outlet in the whole of Asia with this feature, the four-tap presents an exclusive expanded range of Nitro Brew offerings in new coffee and tea beverages that includes the Nitro Flat White ($8.10), Nitro Caramel Macchiato ($7.90), Nitro Tropical Fruit Tea ($7) and Nitro Green Tea Latte ($7.60).


Starbucks Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard #02-204
tel: 6910 1135