STYLEDBYPT’s Priscilla Tan Shares How She Transforms Regular Houses Into Stylish Homes


We chat with the Singaporean interior stylist to find out more about how she approaches the styling of any living space in order to transform a house into a home.

How did you get started in interior styling?

It started when I first moved to my new home five years ago. My family and friends loved what I did with how I styled my home and asked me to design and decorate their homes. Initially, I did it on the weekends and in my free time, before then taking the leap of faith to start STYLEDBYPT two years ago.

Do you have a styling philosophy? If so, how would you describe it?

I believe in practical homes with a good use of space for storage, function and design. Without these three main elements, the home will not be complete and will not last through the years as a home is a long-term commitment and a sanctuary of comfort. Styling helps to add in the personality and warmth to the space but it’s not everything.


Are there any hard and fast rules homeowners should follow when styling their homes?

I believe people should see styling their homes as a way to tell their own stories, their adventures and what makes them happy. It is good to adapt a trend but not to overdo one. For example, with the terrazzo trend, an example of taking such a trend more casually is to get a décor item like a vase or a tray with this pattern, instead of investing in carpentry or countertop materials in this finish that may become dated as the years go by.

Is there something people usually get wrong about interior styling?

A misconception I often hear is that the stylist just comes into the space and place things around the home, and that they do not care about function of the home. There is so much more to what a stylist does as we prepare mood boards, do sourcing, shop with the clients, plan the colours and all the soft furnishings in the home from wallpaper to rug sizes to the pairing of throw cushions and even to the type of plants and flowers used in each home.


Can you talk about the importance of styling in the world of interior design?

Styling is the finishing touch that transforms a house to a home that feels cosy and lived in. It combines the elements of interior design construction with pieces that feels intimate and heartfelt. It also helps clients who have existing furniture and helping them fuse it with their new home giving it a new cohesive look.

What are your go-to items to use when styling a new space?

If you are referring to a big item, it has to be rugs. They are known as magical carpets for a reason as they help with adding warmth, colour, depth and proportion to the space. For a small item, I love trays. I am obsessed with it and believe every home should collect different sizes, shapes and materials of trays. They act as an anchor for grouping things together, they make objects pop and they also set the tone of the chosen themes.


How do you like to decorate at home? Can you tell us about your personal style?

I love creating moods in different section and zones in the home. I do not believe the whole house needs to be the same. That way, it feels like an escape or a new area to explore when you are back home. I am in love with the classic black and white modern home look but I realised I have been more open to adding colours to make the monochromatic look cosier and more lived in.

From a style point of view, which part of a home is the most important for you?

Every room and every corner is important. I believe in styling it completely so that you feel special and loved all the time. But if I had to pick, it would be the bedroom as it is where you rest and recover from a long day of work. The bedding colour and materials, to the wall treatments and the furniture picked, it all matters.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

To hear my clients tell me how much the home means to them and how the home is a representation of who they are. It never fails to touch me when my client calls the home their dream home.

What advice would you give to first-time homeowners who are looking to experiment with interior styling on their own?

Stalk Pinterest and Instagram and save all the images that speak to you. Starting with a room or a corner, pinpoint what objects/décor items you love from the picture and try to find something similar to replicate the same setting at home. I believe that if you are keen to start interior styling, your home is your playground.