5 Stylish Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Makeover


We’ve been seeing these bathroom trends everywhere—and we’re certainly feeling inspired!

Pastel colours

Who doesn’t love a good pastel palette? Combinations of light pink and white have been especially trendy and popping up all over our Instagram feed. These homeowners even opted for a bold pink sink to complement the pastel decor throughout the bathroom.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of hunting down matching decor picks, go for a straightforward pastel wall instead. Consider choosing mermaid scale tiles for a bit of extra pizzazz.

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Terrazzo may have been considered outdated once, but it’s been making its way back into our local homes at a steady pace, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen.

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The great thing about terrazzo-inspired tiles is that they come in all sorts of designs to suit every taste, whether you prefer concentrated specks of colour or want to keep things more low-key and spaced out.

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And, of course, the floor is not the only place you can apply the terrazzo look!


One trend we’ve been seeing over and over again is curved fittings in the bathroom. Arched shower doors have been especially popular.

A luxurious alternative to the arched shower partition is a classic shower door with a custom curved feature. Just look at how chic this one turned out with the gold rim!

Beyond the shower, we’ve also spotted quite a few curved bathroom mirrors, with some going all out and incorporating eye-catching integrated lighting for extra visual interest.

Desert hues

Dusty neutral hues have been all over our Instagram in the past few months. They’re especially well-suited for minimalist homes with a natural vibe and raw elements.

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But the desert look doesn’t have to be quite so earthy if that’s not your thing; it can absolutely look sleek and luxurious too!


Last but certainly not least, large-format patterned tiles are dominating kitchens and bathrooms these days—and we can see why. A pared-down bathroom is quickly livened up by a striking pattern, plus the variety of colours and styles available makes it a versatile trend to suit a variety of interiors.