Take Inspiration From These Tiny House Instagram Accounts That Are Big On Style


The latest trend going around the industry definitely has to be tiny houses. These compact living spaces are proof that you don’t have to have tonnes of square footage to live in comfort and style – all you need is a little creativity and imagination. Whether you already have your own tiny pad or are looking for inspiration to downsize, take a scroll through our favourite #TinyHouse Instagram accounts and let them be your guide.

The Tiny Canal Cottage (@whitneyleighmorris)

While it may measure only 362 square feet, Whitney Leigh Morris and husband Adam Winkleman have mastered small-scale living down to a T. Maximising every inch of space available, the tiny cottage is tastefully curated with cosy furnishings in shades of white that is further enhanced with decorative objects and an extensive plant collection. And despite sharing the space with their baby boy and two beagle-mixes, that hasn’t deterred the couple from entertaining, regularly hosting friends and family in the dreamy apartment.

Bitty Berkeley Bungalow (@aandbcreative)

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After moving around various apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rebekah Carey and Alex McNall looked at her grandma’s 1905 garage and decided that it was going to be home for them and their three furkids. A vast improvement from the storage shed used for yard tools and miscellaneous supplies, the 200 square feet space is now a perfect combination of form and function. Making use of horizontal lines that makes the small space appear larger, and modular furniture that allows for an extended shared space whenever necessary, so clever is their space planning and design concept that you wouldn’t believe the renovation was almost all completed by the couple themselves!

Her Tiny Home (@hertinyhome)

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While not many people would want to take on the task of building their home from scratch, it was a no-brainer for this single mom. While the whole journey took her a good two years to complete, the 350 square foot home now boasts a full kitchen and two separate loft bedrooms for Shalina and her teenage daughter, as well as full hook-ups like plenty of clever storage units, a bathtub in the bathroom and a washer and dryer set. 

Kevin & Mandy (@188sqft)

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After spending two and a half months travelling the world in a campervan, Kevin and Mandy were hooked with the flexibility and freedom that came with living and being on the open road full-time. Over the course of two weeks, the hands-on couple then got to work, transforming the 188 square foot trailer they purchased into one they could proudly call home. The new mobile tiny home now boasts a white interior that makes the space feel brighter and more spacious and mixed it up with bright pops of colour and pattern that attributes greatly to the couple’s creative backgrounds.

Erin Boyle (@readtealeaves)

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A one-bedroom apartment might not exactly be the ideal choice for most family of fours, but that’s not the case for Erin Boyle and her family. Believing that all of us thrive by living simply and honestly, this 500 square foot space features thoughtfully curated furnishings and fittings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also designed in a way that’s comfy, accessible and kid-friendly as well for the couple’s two young kids. It’s also an added benefit that Erin loves and feels most at peace with uncluttered spaces, for the home’s relatively pared-down design allows for more breathing room when viewed at as a whole.

Tiny Houses (@tinyhouse)

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Bonus! If you can’t get enough of the above beautiful tiny homes, check out this Instagram account that showcases uniquely styled small apartments from all around the world, for the ultimate dose of inspiration!

Main photo credit: Esteban Cortez for Bitty Berkeley Bungalow