This Instagram-Friendly Plant Shop Will Inspire You To Cultivate Your Green Thumb

If you’ve been considering the idea of adding a plant or two to your home, perhaps this might help you with your decision. Apart from adding aesthetic value to your home which give your interiors that jungalow vibe, houseplants are known to be beneficial to your health. As plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they not only help to freshen up the air in your home but also eliminate harmful toxins. In addition to that, studies have also proven that indoor plants are able to help with improvement in concentration and productivity, reduction of stress levels and to boost your overall wellbeing.


Understanding the increase in young, style-conscious homeowners hoping to create a nature-inspired Instagram-friendly feature to their home, Tumbleweed aims to help realise a homeowners’ vision through Instagram-worthy ideas on how they can bring nature indoors with the use of beautifully styled plants. Having already enjoyed the success of their first store, the recent launch of the brand’s second store in Tiong Bahru hopes to inspire even more homeowners to adopt the concept of a houseplants display. According to co-founder Denise Law, the idea behind Tumbleweed is to help as many people as possible with their plant displays to enliven their surroundings, and when they were thinking of a different location to set up shop, Tiong Bahru popped up as the perfect residence due to its natural community spirit which gives off a real neighbourhood vibe that resonated with their identity as a neighbourhood plant shop.


Founded by Denise and her husband, it’s hard to miss the store with its unique vintage features and interesting statement window frontage which displays rare tropical varieties. The shops’ selection comprises various house-friendly plant species and an extensive variety of planters, plant stands, and uniquely decorated pots; which have all been carefully curated by the couple, who drew. influence from the creativity of independent designers, artists and ceramicists. Although most of the products are only available online, it is strongly encouraged to make a physical visit to the store to get inspired by the way plants transform indoor spaces. This visual experience is also further enhanced with the well-informed staff who are ready to impart their top-grade styling tips and advice based on various office and home concepts that you might have, which will ideally make your first foray into the world of home plants less daunting and more exciting.


55 Tiong Bahru Road