Why Shop Second-Hand, Anyway?

Thrifting is getting increasingly popular, but not everyone is quite sold on the idea. Maybe you like preloved clothes but are a little suspicious of used furniture. Or maybe you’re not on board with second-hand shopping at all. So, what are actually some good reasons to shop second-hand?

One of the top reasons people get their furniture second-hand is affordability. New furniture can be really expensive, especially if you’re aiming for quality. Of course, you can get cheap, new items online, but there’s no guarantee that you’re getting long-lasting pieces for your home. Instead of ordering furnishings that might fall apart in a couple of months in order to save some cash, you can browse for solid second-hand pieces that have stood the test of time.

Another great reason to shop second-hand is style. New furniture doesn’t have the same look as pieces made in the 70s or earlier in the century, even if they’re made to appear older. If vintage is your jam, your best bet is to search for these preloved gems, just like homeowners Zhi Yi and Minlin did for their mid-century modern flat (check out their story here).

And finally, one more reason to shop second- hand is for a more sustainable home renovation. New furniture can take a lot of resources to produce, so if you’d like to contribute a little
less to this production, consider getting your furnishings second-hand instead.