A Modern Family Home That Strikes The Perfect Balance Between Style And Substance


Great style doesn’t always equate to great design sensibility but the designers from Richfield Integrated have struck an impressive balance between both. This brand new condominium unit is a prime example of their prowess in melding form with function. The design team engaged a precise and thoughtful approach to the scheme where the modern aesthetic belies clever functionality. According to project manager Risan Sun, the project “was all about keeping things modern, clean and sharp”.

Indeed, this family home to three excels in all these aspects and goes the distance to provide a comfortable and timeless environment for its occupants. The designers did little modifications to the original floor plan and even utilised the existing marble flooring and timber flooring to great effect.

As one enters the unit, a row of full-height cabinetry fills the wall of the walkway into the main communal zones. A soothing yet space-enhancing ensemble of woodgrained laminates and tinted mirrors sparks off a spacious and modern living space. Even with the strong-looking wood textures, the tinted mirror strips offset the bold patterns for a sleek effect. Each design element shines in its own right and this proves to be a winning style combo which sets the modern aesthetic in motion.

Behind the cabinetry is hidden storage which conceals the distribution board as well. That’s not the only ingenious part about it; the designers created an open display shelf with an angled placement. “This creates a larger entrance,” Risan explains. This certainly plays up the visual expanse of the space right from the start.

There is an attention to detail in the shared living and dining zones and this is evident in the design continuity in both zones. A significant visual link is the plasterboard false ceiling with spray-painted metal inlays which connect both areas overhead. The similar material palette of tinted mirror strips and woodgrained laminates advocates design harmony and yet, defines each communal zone distinctively.

In the private areas, one of the three bedrooms has been turned into a study. The workstation comprises a handsome-looking ensemble of bronze mirrored strips paired with white and woodgrained laminates. Smart storage hardware in the form of Häfele flaps flanks the overhead cabinets. These innovative lift-up systems allow the homeowner to access the contents in one smooth movement. The entire wall space has been maximised by storage and the designers also worked in a specially fitted white coloured glass as an erasable memo board.

For the master bedroom, one side of the wall is packed with storage, but the designers’ calculated approach to the placement creates much-needed breathing room. A display niche and tinted mirrored strips reduce the visual bulk of the wall-mounted cabinetry. There is also sleek uniformity in the design details. Both walls are mounted with carpentry works and for good reason. Risan elaborates, “The custom-built bedframe, headboard and bedside tables form an aesthetically-pleasing harmony with the hanging cabinetry in front.”

Beyond its sleek and modern facade, this family home boasts a well-planned suite of design features. It goes a long way in ensuring things stay in good order and Risan and her Richfield Integrated team have definitely nailed the art of good living.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the February 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Richfield Integrated 

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