An Elegant Scandinavian-Inspired Condo


At first glance, this love nest in Petir Road gives off a sense of serenity thanks to its subdued colour palette and minimal furnishings. The couple engaged boutique interior design practice Eightytwo to create this humble yet stylish home, which takes its cues from the subtle “chodo-yoi” style that Japanese retailer Muji is known for. Design director of Eightytwo, Terence Neo explains that “chodo-yoi” refers to a design philosophy that means “just right”. The two underlying tenets of traditional Scandinavian design, namely minimalism and functionality, also feature prominently within this 1,160-square foot apartment.

“The project brief was fairly straightforward,” Terence shares, “The owners requested for a home that was both uncomplicated and capable of standing up to the test of time. That is why we opted for a masculine yet pleasing fusion of Nordic design and contemporary Japanese elements.”

This shared focus on tranquility is discernible right from the moment one steps into the living space. A predominant palette of whites, greys and browns imbues the room with an airy, open atmosphere whereas eye-catching installations, such as a CraftStone brick wall and the High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) from Evorich, help to brighten up the surroundings and distinguish it from run-of-the-mill designs.

In line with the home’s unsullied foundation, a collection of seemingly unassuming furniture was chosen to enhance the overarching sense of serenity. Living room pieces, such as a custom-made television console and a sofa imported from Italy, not only serve as highly functional fittings, they also blend well into their surroundings.

Adjacent to the dining area, the kitchen scores highly with its contemporary fittings and understated colour scheme. White acrylic laminates and wooden textures are used heavily here, both of which are staple features in Nordic inspired homes. Meanwhile, the burnished metal surfaces of a top freezer refrigerator and a mounted microwave oven draw a sleek contrast to the subdued palette of the surrounding walls.

“In order to brighten the kitchen space, the owners requested to remove part of the partitioning walls as it would allow sunlight to enter via the living room windows. There were also no qualms about making this modification as the owners rarely cook,” reveals Terence.

Further into the house, the master bedroom similarly adopts a restrained style. Incorporating a set of basic fittings consisting of a generous king-sized bed and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, the space is nothing but cosy. As music enthusiasts, the owners also opted to place a pair of classy electric guitars within the room to offset the otherwise modest vibe of the room.

“We really paid attention to the layout down to the details,” Terence says, “From the positioning of the lighting to selecting the right colours, every fixture was carefully positioned to ensure that it marries both form and function.”

This was adapted from an article originally written by Stanley Lim in the July issue of SquareRooms.