An Urban Sanctuary Filled With Cosy Wood Tones


With local interior design firm A.W.A Design Studio – led by Allan Wang – at the helm of this renovation, the family of five occupying the three-bedroom apartment wished for a home that was simple yet modern. From the get-go, the 1,184-square foot space shows off an air of quiet sophistication. A consistent image can be found throughout the home in the form of a cosy interior defined by luxurious wooden tones that evoke a sense of warmth. However, beyond its humble appeal, a series of smart tweaks by the design team further enhances the overall functionality of the home.

Along the entryway, electrical services like the DB box are discreetly hidden from sight by large timber panels that encompass shoe cabinets within. Not only that, the installation of a retractable cushioned settee and a narrow mid-height ledge adds to the practicality of the foyer by allowing the occupants to sit while wearing their shoes.

Further in the home, timber panels continue to feature in the shared living and dining zones, which can be seen on almost all vertical surfaces. By doing so, the design team managed to create a coherent flow that draws the occupants from the main door into the inner areas of the home, both visually and physically.

Despite the abundance of rich brown shades, the design doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes. This is all in thanks to the design team’s clever use of furnishings and accessories – like the deep brown leather sofa and white wishbone dining chairs – to break up the repeated colour and patterns. These loose furniture pieces also further add to the cosy atmosphere of the home.

As the homeowners requested for a tidy-looking home, the designers devised a way to cover the air-conditioning unit and accompanying trunking. In order to do that, a box ceiling was installed to keep things neat. However, instead of the smooth timber surfaces, slatted panels were used in the design. Allan explains, “In order to allow the cool air from the air-conditioning units to penetrate into the living spaces, there had to be some form of ventilation in place. That’s why we decided to use slatted panels for the box ceiling.”

Reflecting the design sensibilities of the outer communal areas, the private rooms also possess a restful charm with the abundant use of wooden textures. However, the master bedroom was given a more mature design treatment with a theme that mimics luxurious hotel suites. Adorning the back wall of the room are vertical timber panels that have been given added depth and texture with horizontal pieces running through. At the base of the feature wall, a luxurious leather headboard was added, allowing the occupants to lean back in comfort when indulging in light reading. To keep clutter in check, the customised bed frame also features hidden storage units on the inside.

Meanwhile, the two smaller bedrooms feature a subtle detailing in the form of engraved marks that gives each space its unique character. For example, triangle forms were carved out along the bed’s sideboard in the child’s room, giving the space a more playful touch. Meanwhile, the other bedroom features a subway tile pattern for a more structured and grown-up vibe.

In pursuit of a home that is seamless and fluid in design, Allan and his team have successfully proven that simplicity can be synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Clean and streamlined, this apartment has without a doubt been transformed into a personal haven with a picturesque charm for all occupants involved.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the September 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: A.W.A. Design Studio 

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