Muted Tones Transform This Petite Family Home Into One of Quiet Elegance


Liking what they saw in designer Joey Khu’s understated designs, the homeowners of this brand new condominium unit specified for a similar aesthetic for their home. “They preferred timeless over trendy and wanted an enduring style that could grow with their family,” reveals Joey. That culminated in a look which engaged darker colours and clean-lined design elements – all signature style touches of the veteran designer.

Streamlined strokes of opulence fill the combined living and dining zones. While most of the walls are lined with a generous capacity of custom carpentry, this does not diminish the shared confines of the space. “Most of the newer condominium units do not come with a storeroom, and this place is no exception,” says Joey. “Therefore, there was a real need to carve out sufficient storage space in the communal areas, and the best solution was to utilise full-height cabinetry to maximise the wall space.” He melds form and function effortlessly together by using a muted but sleek-looking palette of laminate finishes which adorns the custom carpentry with modern finesse.

A curated line-up of cabinetry forms the TV console and this staggered series of closed and open storage compartments makes up the media unit. This arrangement emits a fluid sense of space and is employed for the row of cabinetry which outlines the walkway along the communal zones. “With these storage niches, the homeowners have a display cabinet to showcase their KAWS and [email protected] collectibles,” remarks Joey.

The other side of the living area takes on a more formal note of elegance with a feature wall of dark wood-effect laminate coverings. Embellished by strips in a similar finish, it creates an asymmetrical pattern that injects visual interest. “We wanted something tasteful to anchor the living area but without overwhelming the entire look, “he says of this installation of dark decadence. “The layers of laminates add depth to the space and these dimensional textures promote a modern sense of luxury.”

Form and function also align in the three bedrooms which come with an existing caveat – a bay window. While some may enjoy lingering by the window seat to wind down, it did not do much in terms of functionality and Joey was bent on changing that. For one of the bedrooms-turned-study, he installed hidden storage beneath the seat and integrated it with a study table and wall-hung storage compartments. Contrasting light and dark tones play up the muted colour palette of the laminate finishes and makes the entire setup feel visually lighter and more inviting.

For the other common bedroom which belongs to the homeowners’ daughter, Joey extended the size of the bay window seat and converted it into a lofty bed. The raised platform houses a super single mattress as well as generous drawer storage beneath. With the design language of the colour scheme and custom carpentry leaning towards a timeless yet sophisticated aesthetic; it will serve the teenage occupant well into her adult years.

A restful aura falls upon the master bedroom, which is awash in a uniformed colour scheme of warm monochromes. For this room however, Joey played up the relaxed quality of the bay window and bookended it with dark timber-look strips. A cosy canopy-like appeal is carved out through a dark-coloured ceiling fixture with downlights and a plush touch is then extended by the custom-made futon.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the October 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Joey Khu Interior Design