Take A Tour Of This Gorgeous Family Home Filled With Bespoke Touches


There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with having your own place, with the tip of the iceberg being the ability to design and curate it to exactly how you want it to look and feel. Things were no different for this family of four. After scoring themselves a four-bedroom unit in the Goldenhill Park development, they roped in Risan Sun from local interior design firm Richfield Integrated to transform their dream home into a reality.

The design brief was fairly simple, albeit with a slight twist: a modern-Scandinavian concept. This gave rise to a striking combination of bold black-and-white tones and soothing wood shades that would culminate into a sleek yet cosy home.

The amount of thought put into creating the home’s new look is evident right from the get-go. Even before entering the home, visitors are greeted by marble-effect hexagonal-shaped tiles on the floor. “The owners wanted a totally different feel on the exterior compared to the interior flooring, as well as to create a demarcation between the two spaces. We decided to use hexagon tiles because they are gorgeous, versatile, and they have the ability to make any space more visually interesting,” Risan explains.

Upon stepping past the front door, a towering wooden structure captures one’s attention. As the owners had specifically requested for their new home to encompass smart storage solutions, the unique structure was designed and constructed with that purpose in mind. Complete with storage units and a settee that allows the owners to comfortably put on shoes, the home’s DB box was also hidden within the structure, creating a neat and streamlined look.

A coherent image can be found throughout the 1,300-square foot home in the form of a cosy interior, defined by glossy surfaces, polished textures and wood finishes that evoke a sense of warmth. The living room makes use of the aforementioned materials by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made television feature wall. Backed by a sectioned wall clad in woodgrained laminates, the feature wall also incorporates a plethora of storage units fronted by tinted mirror panels.

Sharing the same area, the dining zone was given a similarly modest look, albeit one that is subtle yet full of detail. Simple furnishings, such as a lightweight dining set and geometric pendant lamps give the space an uncluttered look, while the brown accents from the dining set are the perfect complement to the wood laminates of the kitchen’s external wall. Meanwhile, accenting the area with their reflective surfaces is a series of mirrored panels that expand the space visually.

In the kitchen, quartz countertops and an aluminium backsplash from fulfil the homeowners’ need for a sturdy and durable space that could keep up with their regular cooking sessions. Meanwhile, keeping the space free from visual clutter is a series of cabinets that were spray-painted in grey, serving as a refreshing alternative to conventional white and wood finishes.

Despite adopting a predominantly monochromatic colour palette, the master bedroom gives off a sense of cosiness with its collection of comfy furniture. Against the vinyl flooring, a welcoming King-sized bed and customised side tables contribute to a homely appeal.

In similar fashion to the rest of the home, both of the apartment’s bathrooms make use of ligneous and luxurious elements to result in a classy look. This is all in thanks to the combination of homogeneous grey tiles and marble-lookalike tiles that take up the floor and wall surfaces, along with wood laminated vanities and transparent shower doors that free up visual space.

When looking at the finished product of the eight-week renovation project, it’s clear that the clever design sensibilities and attention to detail by Risan and the Richfield Integrated design team have allowed them to thoroughly fulfil their promise in creating and curating a home that is perfectly tailored to this family of four, maybe even more.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the November 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Richfield Integrated