The Eclectic Design Theme Of This Condominium Unit Combines Strong And Edgy Design Elements


It takes a skilled designer to take on many different style elements and not overpower a room. The Versaform design team is certainly well-versed in this area and their expertise shines in this condominium unit belonging to a married couple in their late thirties. “The homeowners wanted a restful yet visually striking home to retreat to and we conceptualised a living space that could appeal to all their senses, “says the team.

It all starts with an expanded configuration for the communal zones. “The study room was hacked away to create a much larger living area,” reveal the designers. With the boundary wall of the living zone now pushed back, they could work in a graphic two-tone paint application for the corresponding walls without it looking like a overkill. The bold colour contrast of navy blue and white is splashed across the adjoined walls. This colour block feature wall creates a dimensional effect which visually heightens the scale of the space.

For the other side of the living zone, a minimalistic canvas of a lightly cement screeded wall takes precedence. It highlights the earthy colour palette of bespoke storage fixtures in dark wood-look laminates and pops of muted green tones nearby. By mounting all these fixtures to the wall, the designers exposed part of the wall and kept the floor area clear. This resulted in a fluid expanse of space that lends to the home’s sense of airiness.

A hideaway bar counter feature also helps to corral unnecessary visual clutter. The designers have embedded this feature seamlessly within the storage compartments and through two flip-down cabinet doors. With the flap stay hardware, the homeowners can use these doors as compact countertops to mix and serve drinks.

Moving to the private zones, the common bedroom has been converted into a study and walk-in wardrobe. Noting the irregular configuration with several sharp corners, the designers hacked away the pre-fitted wardrobe and replaced it with a bespoke wardrobe to soothe out all these layout oddities. The side of the wardrobe also features cubby holes which turn the sharp angles of the room into functional showcases for artful accents. Integrated with the study table, the sleek ensemble of dark laminate finishes in a graphite grey hue creates a sophisticated design dialogue in this multi-functional room.

Awash in warm neutral tones, the pared-back colour palette of the master bedroom epitomises how less can be more. A muted shade of grey takes centre stage and helms the headboard with soothing Scandinavian flair. The cosy additions of a wall ladder rack in a light wood tone and a wall sconce throw in extra warmth into the sleeping quarters.

Instead of being defined to a certain style, this home marches to its own design beat. It is equally eclectic and serene, and the Versaform team has certainly put the homeowners’ bold design stamp onto it.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the November 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Versaform