This Jurong HDB Proves That Simple Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


For the family living in this HDB Executive maisonette, keeping their space free of the nonessential items is not just about achieving simplicity at a home; it’s also about embracing their personal values and living in a physical manifestation of their beliefs. Thus, the team at three-d conceptwerke brought their philosophy to life, resulting in a timeless and sleek residence they can call home.

To balance out the sharp contrast between the jet-black sofa and white walls, wooden furniture were employed to give the living room a more inviting and welcoming feel. However, the focal point is definitely the breath-taking bird’s eye view of their neighbourhood, upon which the table counter was built for the owners to enjoy their million-dollar view.

Marble tiles, clean lines and all-white dining chairs make up this sleek and polished dining room while the box pendant lights and classy decor give the room charm and character.

The dark wooden steps contrast nicely with the pristine white walls, creating strong lines in a timeless space. Clean, unspoiled walls allow the owners to keep the area free of nonessentials, treating their home as a canvas that allowa their minds to fill in the gaps.

Homogeneous tiles demarcate the kitchen from the hallway of the house while uncluttered countertops and walls keep the cooking zone immaculate and spotless. Superfluous kitchen gizmos and gadgets have been done away with, leaving the space housing things that are truly essential to the homeowners.

Wooden furniture like the bedframe, TV bench and table complement well with the parquet flooring, resulting in a more relaxed and inviting bedroom for the homeowners to unwind and de-stress. The basic louver windows face the open living room area, creating excellent cross ventilation across the house.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Marianne Lim in IdealHomes vol.8.