Here Are The Winners Of The SquareRooms Awards 2019: Comfort Edition


To allow our body to repair and heal itself after the stresses of the day, it is important to get the right bedding when kitting out our bedroom. In the second edition of the SquareRooms Awards: Comfort Edition, we have assessed a range of bedroom essentials to have come up with a list of high-quality bedding products. From supportive mattresses to sumptuous bed linens to plush pillows, these bedroom accessories will help you get started on your journey to a good night’s sleep. Here are this year’s winning products.

Best Customisable Mattress: King Living Sleep+ Mattress
For individuals who are particular about their sleeping preferences, this modular mattress range allows you to customise the material and firmness to create a bespoke sleeping surface best suited to your personal comfort. Additionally, the luxuriously soft and breathable Sleep+ Fit Covers can be easily unzipped and replaced at any time.


Best Luxury Bed Linen: Eurotex Hotel Luxury Bedding
Fully crafted with 100 per cent Egyptian cotton and boasting a generous thread count of 1,200, this sumptuous bedding range is a combination of luxury and quality. Soft and smooth to the touch, get prepared to be cocooned in luxurious comfort night after night. 


Best Hybrid Foam Mattress: The Haylee Mattress
A combination of Aeroflo perforated foam, a cool gel memory foam and a high density foundation foam, this hybrid mattress provides optimum support, promotes good ventilation and regulates body temperature as you sleep. What’s more, the naturally treated bamboo fibre knitted fabric cover provides protection against bacteria, dust mites and mould. 


Best Hybrid Pillow: The Woosa Pillow
Made from memory foam and high resiliency foam, this pillow is highly supportive and contains a unique cell structure that allows air to flow through freely for extreme breathability. On the outside, the pillow is wrapped in Italian-made fabric that has phenomenal moisture wicking properties for extra cool comfort through the night. 


Best Child-Friendly Bed Linen: Sunday Bedding Organic Cotton Stripes Sheet Set
Using organic cotton that breathes better compared to its counterparts, this bedsheet is perfect for households with children as it helps bodies keep a more regulated temperature throughout the night. For an added peace of mind, this bedsheet is also 100 per cent GOTS certified, meaning that they are free from any added harmful synthetic chemicals. 


Best Pocketed Spring Mattress: HipVan LEVITATE Mattress
Comprising extra thick pocket springs that are individually coiled and a luxurious sewn-in pillow top, this mattress ranks high on the comfort scale and provides solid spine support while you sleep. Plus, the premium cooling Adaptive fabric that encases the mattress helps disperse your body heat from the surface, resulting in a comfortable and sweat-free night’s sleep. 


Best Pillow For Front Sleepers: Tempur Ombracio Pillow
Stomach sleepers, rejoice! In addition to visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your head, neck and shoulders for that ultimate personalised ergonomic support, this pillow also boasts a unique shape with two indentations on either side, allowing users to comfortably hug it through the night without getting sore arms in the morning. 


Best Latex Mattress: Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress III
Designed to create a plush feeling, this mattress is made of three 100 per cent organic latex core layers and has seven firmness zones to provide excellent comfort and spinal support. It is also naturally dust mite-resistant, and the removable bamboo cover makes washing and dry cleaning easy. 


Best Quilt: Linen House Exceed Quilt
With the ability to clip both pieces of the quilt together for superior warmth or to unclip for a cooler and lighter coverage, this quilt is a two-in-one bedding essential great for tropical climates. It also boasts antibacterial properties and is effective in controlling dust mites and allergens that are known asthma triggers.


Best Memory Foam Pillow: Hennsley Memory Foam Contour Pillow
Thanks to its gently curved design, this memory foam pillow is able to conform nicely to the shape and size of your head, relieve muscle tension as well as help alleviate pressure points on your neck and shoulders. It also has the added benefit of a Cool Max fabric cover that provides extra coolness and breathability during sleep.