A Practical Apartment That Boasts Minimalist And Industrial Touches


As holistic health practitioner and author Dr. Laurie Buchanan once said, “Minimalism is about creating space to live simply and meaningfully; it’s about living intentionally.” And this philosophy is truly embraced and exemplified in the design of this four-room BTO flat in Punggol, helmed by designer Minii Ooi from local interior design firm KDOT Associates.

“With the hectic pace of everyday life, we crave more than ever a serene and comforting place to retreat into after a long and busy day. And to have a place of their own where they could truly relax and recharge, and to live comfortably, conveniently and aesthetically with less was something the homeowners had desired,” says Minii about the home’s minimalist concept.

This then gave rise to the monochromatic colour palette seen throughout the home, which was something the owners had specifically requested for. By sticking to a defined colour scheme, the home eliminates extraneous and unconnected colours that may create visual clutter, which can be just as harmful as physical clutter.

Other specific requests the owners had for their new home was that the design should be practical, offer easy maintenance and encompass a clean look that minimalist interiors are so well-known for. These were then incorporated into the home by simplifying furniture, decor and storage.

Evident right from the get-go, clean white walls that are pared down in design and free from any built-in fixtures attribute to the living room’s airy atmosphere. Even so, the space feels grounded and cosy thanks to the grey cement-lookalike vinyl flooring and muted furniture pieces from Castlery. Meanwhile, concealed lighting lends well to the minimalist concept as a decorative element and a source of light.

Located on the immediate right of the home’s main entrance is the dining area, where a small section of the space shares the same hexagonal tiles as the entryway. Another distinct characteristic of the space is the dining table-cum-kitchen island, which serves multiple functions of being a food prep area as well as an eating surface. Upon first glance, the tabletop may seem like a standalone fixture, but a closer inspection will reveal that it was actually an extension from the kitchen countertop. “It was actually the owners’ idea,” Minii shares, “where the clean lines and streamlined shape created a sense of order.”

Moving on past a black aluminium-framed glass sliding door, the kitchen comes into view. In order to keep up with the lady homeowner’s frequent cooking sessions, the new design of the utilitarian zone had to be both functional and easy to navigate, as well as come with more storage space. These considerations are all met through the marble-lookalike quartz countertops, a tempered glass backsplash as well as top hung and base solid plywood cabinets that were in a black laminated finish. It is also worth mentioning that the open shelves that were mounted along one corner of the kitchen wall was cladded in wood laminates to create an eye-catching feature in the predominantly black-toned kitchen.

Furthest back in the home is the homeowners’ private sleeping quarters, where the bed is blocked off from general view by a series of full-height wardrobe units, creating a walk-in wardrobe for the occupants despite the room’s limited space. In contrast to the wood-toned platform bed, the wardrobe doors were constructed out of a black frame in a stone-textured finish. Meanwhile, the powder-coated door handles were in the shape of a long flat bar, which combines functionality with aesthetics to create a sleek look.

Located next to the master bedroom, the en suite impresses with its black and grey homogeneous tiles on the walls and floor respectively, which imbue the zone with an elegant ambience. For storage purposes, a top hung mirror-fronted cabinet was mounted above the sink, allowing the owners to keep all unnecessary clutter out of sight.

When asked to sum up her thoughts on the entire project, Minii has this to say, “A good interior design will help greatly in life, and minimalism is a lifestyle that offers an abundance of benefits, such as more contentment and more freedom in life. And I’d like to believe that we managed to achieve this calm and serene lifestyle for the owners by connecting the minimalism beliefs into the interior design.”

This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: KDOT Associates